Slavery Returns!!

Posted on Aug 17 2011 at 04:49:24 PM in Independent

O'siyo World,  

Lets start with a quote from our Prime Minister shall we,

"Harper wants Canada to be a "world energy superpower," he suggested, one known as much for its natural resources as its human resources."

Does this mean we are no longer priceless beings with life so precious? Are we now worth a barrel of oil or a bag of salt?  When your child is born what natural resource could you use them for? Sound sick, so does he. We Are not a resource,  we have forgotten how each life is sacred, we are not worthless as rocks and minerals. 
It shows Canada's lack of respect for humanity for allowing business in that have terrible human rights records across the world mining minerals and oil no matter the cost in human life. Lets find an example of that in history , ah here we go, the Nazi's using Jews to build their war machine. 
All the Oil and gas companies that  have abused human beings drained the Creators gift of life blood to get the oil, you should be banned from doing business here in Canada, but we have a policy that invites companies like that, they know how to do it so they come here and try it on our first nations people, with terrible success, We just arrest anyone on our lands. 
First Nations will not do business with those who have human rights abuses , here in our world, The Creators world. Offers of Trinkets will not work , we will not give in this time. We see through Your Lies. 
You will not pull the blankets over our eyes unable to see the environmental disaster that looms across our beautiful lands. We will not work for your blood for oil companies, help ruin the waters and air. you will not bring that ugly snake full of black poison to our villages and hunting grounds. We will not become the modern day slave for money. What ever happened to Freedom?

We are not Human Resources, We are human Beings.
Wandering Crow.

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