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Posted on Apr 27 2012 at 07:22:43 AM in Computers & Internet

Site Replication Gives Your Team an Advantage over the Competition

The high level of competition in today’s business world means that companies need to make use of as many resources as possible in order to stay ahead of their competitors, especially in the online world. By enlisting the functionality of Site Replication, multi level marketing companies can now also enjoy the benefits of having a reputable online presence while attracting new clients and earning a living at the same time.

Customized Domains are Easy with Site Replication

Although Site Replication means that all MLM distributors have websites which look similar to that of the parent marketing company, this is basically where the similarity to them ends. Each distributor is able to customize their Self replicating website with features and functions in order to make their online marketing lives easier. By making use of a customized domain name on their site, each distributor can ensure that they are able to build their own network of clients. This also makes it easier for new as well as existing clients to keep in touch with their particular distributor, because it means that they have a direct means of contact instead of having to try and navigate through the main company website.

Enjoy a Host of Customized Features with Site Replication

One of the main advantages of Site Replication is the fact that each MLM distributor is able to choose from a range of features which will make their online lives a lot easier. By integrating a calendar and a task list to their site, distributors can ensure that they never miss an important appointment. A contact importing feature will guarantee that no network member will be forgotten when it is time to send out bulk email notices. Each distributor is able to add an ‘about me’ page to their replicated website which gives their online presence a personal touch. This will allow both new and existing customers to connect a name to a face instead of just dealing with an MLM distributor.

Site Replication Allows for the Integration of Social Media

These days, social media is one of the most powerful advertising tools available online. By integrating their replicated website with the most popular social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, MLM distributors can ensure that new and existing clients are able to easily make contact with them and share their online content with others who may be interested in joining the network. This is a win-win situation for the distributor because of the fact that the more their website and profile are advertised, the more newcomers they will have to their MLM network. This in turn results in higher sales and profits for the distributor as well as the company.

MLM companies who make use of Site Replication facilities can be sure that their network will receive the online advertising that it deserves. Site Replication is an extremely important marketing MLM tools that no multi level marketing company should ever allow themselves to be without.

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