simple steps to ensure a healthier human heart

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simple steps to ensure a healthier human heart

People have a nasty habit of blaming any ailments and diseases on stress or a ethereal entity, when it fact it is the result of consistently neglecting their health and not taking the time and effort to ensure their body is taken care of and protected. And what most people don't seem to realize is that health, and particularly the human heart, is not something you can easily mend once it has been badly damaged - it is not as resilient and say, chapped lips or split ends.

However, in this day and age, finding time to relax and pamper yourself properly is easily hindered by looming work deadlines, demanding relationships and friendships, financial obligations and general day to day stress. So how do you make sure your body and its delicate organs and systems are taken care of while you're busy extinguishing fires in your personal and professional life?

Think Red is a local campaign which aims to educate South Africans about the risks of cardiovascular disease and inspire them to take the necessary precautions to prevent this disease from threatening their health and lives. Together with the Heart and Stroke Foundation they have launched an informative website which serves as a portal to people seeking information about cardiovascular disease. One of their most popular entries has been the 7 Simple Steps list.

In a nutshell this article offers 7 simple steps you can follow to avoid experiencing and of the symptoms of heart disease and invariably developing this disease. These 7 steps are:

Are You At Risk?

Educate yourself about cardiovascular disease and know what the symptoms of heart disease are. It is also important that you ensure the necessary precautions are taken to lower your risk of heart disease. These precautions can range from knowing your blood pressure to limiting your daily alcohol intake.

Get Active

Regular exercise is an essential step in keeping your body healthy. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can prolong your life significantly and control your blood pressure, blood sugar and stress levels, as well as release of endorphins which are proven to make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Control Cholesterol

While cholesterol does play an important role in the human body, too much bad cholesterol can cause blood vessels to become narrower and result in cardiovascular disease and strokes. By making dietary changes you are able to control your cholesterol and ultimately decrease your risk of heart disease.

Eat Better

Since your body relies on your diet for energy and the ability to repair itself,  eating healthier and ensuring a balanced diet is your best defense against heart disease.

Manage Blood Pressure

By monitoring your blood pressure on a regular basis you will reduce the risk of damage to your arteries, prevent blockages which could lead to a heart attack or stroke and maintaining a well functioning circulatory system.

Lose Weight

When you're carrying unnecessary weight your blood vessels are less strained and your lungs and heart do not have to work as hard. This means a healthier body and mind, and essentially, less chance of developing any health problems.

Reduce Blood Sugar

Too much sugar is the leading cause of obesity and invariably diabetes in South Africans. By reducing your sugar intake you are able to decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease significantly and ensure a healthier and prolonged life.

Pledge to the Think Red campaign today and ensure you're one of the carriers of a healthy human heart!

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