Simple Guide for Easy Bathroom Cleaning

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Simple Guide for Easy Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom needs to be kept clean. This is the place where you tend to yourself, keep your hygiene and all. Some nasty and fairly unhealthy stuff may come to occur in the bathroom, if it's been neglected. Here you will read a few simple steps for cleaning the bathroom's most common stain areas.

The drains may get clogged at some point. Hair can be one of the most often causes for it. You can use commercial drain cleaners to deal with the problem, or you may consider a more reasonable and healthy approach. Drop two Alka-Seltzer tablets into the drain. Then follow them up with a glass of white vinegar. After 5 minutes, rinse the drain with hot water. If a stench of something bad, or a nasty odour is coming from the drain, cleaning services advice you to throw in some baking soda. You can mix it up with the same amount of salt if you like. Leave it to sit in the drain overnight. Then rinse with boiling hot water.

The mirrors accumulate various stains, including limescale and soap scum. Also sometimes the toothpaste ends up on the mirror's glass. Last but not least, often the hairspray ends up on the mirrors surface. Here are some simple guidelines how to clean these stains.

Clarifying shampoo can be used to remove stains from the hairspray. Wipe the mirror with a lint free cloth. That way you will ensure that no threads are left behind on the mirror's surface. For other stains you can use white vinegar. Also you can rub the stains with rubbing alcohol.

The toilet bowl can be real problem to deal with. It is a nasty endeavour. Cleaners London advise you to throw n a couple of denture cleaning tablets and let them do some fizzing for a while. Then you may pour in  cups of vinegar and letting it there for an hour. You can also deal with the odours by throwing in some soda and leaving it to stay overnight. Stains on the bowl can be removed with a pumice stone.

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