Signs of Stroke

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Signs of stroke

Signs of stroke  -  Remember act “FAST” Every minute counts when someone is having a stroke you could save someones life! 

Stroke is second largest cause of death in the world. Over 6 million people a year die from suffering a stroke. Knowing the warning signs of stroke can save yours or someone elses life. Luckily there are things you can do to lower your chances of having a stroke having a healthy diet, exercise regularly and not smoking are all things you can do to resist the chances of suffering a stroke. 

What is a stroke

Astroke also know as a “brain attack” happens when there is an interruption of blood flow to the brain. This usually occurs when a clot blocks the blood supply to the brain. Since the blood supply provides the brain with vital nutrients and oxygen the brain cells become damaged or die.

The effects of stroke are immediate so recognizing the signs of stroke and calling for an ambulance is critical. Every minute counts and so it is important to act FAST.

Signs of Stroke

The warning signs of stroke are usually very distinct because they happen so rapidly. Every second counts when suffering the effects of stroke, the sooner medical attention is sought the more likely it is the patient will make a full recovery.

A good way to recognize the signs of stroke is to think FAST.

Face      -   Has there face fallen one side and can they smile?
Arms      -   Can they raise both there arms? and keep them there?
Speech  -   Is there speech slurred?
Time      -    Its time to call the emergency services

Why is it so important to act FAST?

Because the most common type of stroke can be treated with a drug called t-PA. This drug works by dissolving the blood clot obstructing the blood flow to the brain. There is only a very small window of opportunity for treatment of stroke so it is essential that a patient arrives at the hospital within 60 minutes. As soon as you see any signs of stroke phone the emergency services immediately.

After effect Signs of stroke 

if someone has already suffered from a stroke the chances of having another stroke are greatly increased. It is possible for people to live completely normal lives after suffering from a stroke however in some cases people may find it difficult moving one side of the body and their speech may be slurred.

Professional help available dealing with after effect Signs of stroke

Speech Therapist - Can help if patient is suffering from slurred speech and needs help improving communication or has problems with swallowing.

Occupational Therapist - Help the family to support the stroke survivor and be able to care for their needs. To understand the warning signs of stroke in the future and learn new skills and strategies to cope.

Physical Therapist - To maintain and improve movement of the body.



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