Should I Call Him or Wait?

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Should I Call Him or Wait?

Relationships issues are very complicated and so are dating. It is not easy to find all the answers that you are looking for at the beginning of your relationship, when things are not clear and you are also not very sure how to handle some issues with a man you are dating.

One very common question that many ladies asked is this: Should I call him? When they are dating with men, women seems to have problem on how to handle telephone calls to and also from a man, as well as what is the calling protocol for calling a guy in dating relationships.

In dating forums you'll notice that women have questions on calling the guys and some related questions in all possible variations. Firstly, a lot of women want to know why their guys or men do not call them after the first date. This I can understand that the first date women mean date that occurred after an initial introduction via an online dating site. That is one of the questions that torture many women the most. Actually meeting a guy on the internet is a lot different from meeting a guy via the traditional channels, such as introduction through their friends, met at a local bar or at a restaurant, or at work. When you met a guy via the traditional channel, you can really pretty much say with assurance that after your first date the guy will call you unless there are some issues that happened on the first meeting.

It will be different when you meet a guy from a dating services site; chances are first impression will be made when both of you meet on a date. Many women who are greatly attracted to a guy on the first date get 'hooked' or blind sided by the attraction toward the guy. This usually hampers women's ability to objectively evaluate the guy intention and interest. Many times a she does not see that while the first date went fine, there is actually lack of physical chemistry on the guy's part, or his lack of interest in pursuing a deeper relationship for reasons other than the lack of chemistry.

Some guys, while they may be attracted to you can find significant differences in the lifestyle or interests. While the physical chemistry is really great, many a time the guys will have a change in heart and opt out of wooing a woman because of the differences. On the other hand, if a girl and a guy seem to have a lot in common, chances are there will be no chemistry between the two. The common question about if the guy is going to call you or he's not going to is simple to answer. To check out how to tell if the guy will call and to find out how to make a guy call you, check out http://www.WhyHeDoesntCall.Com

What if? But what if you're really showing interest in the guy you met for the first time and you have the urge of wanting to call him? How do you handle the calling, the e-mails, text messaging and instant messaging a guy you would like to have a deeper relationship with? If all these fails, there are simple other strategies that you can use and apply in order to start a relationship with the guy you really have a crush with.

There is a limit to the things you can do, but you should not over-react or overdo. By over reacting you will not be heading anywhere. In fact, more likely it may fail before it even has the chance to start. Don't know where to start? Go straight here:

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