Short Term Health Insurance Benefits - Good for Unemployed

Posted on Dec 14 2012 at 06:46:39 AM in Finance & Investment

There are wide ranges of choices available to choose from for health insurance benefits. In majority of cases, people prefer an insurance plan from their employer or their spouse’s employer. But in some unique lifestyle situations you may require to find a unique plan especially suited to your situation. In some cases, short term or temporary health plans can help individuals.

What is temporary or short term health plan?

This type of health safety plans lasts for certain period of time usually for six to twelve months. Some policies are also available for 30 days short period. Short term policies work same as long term health plans. You will get health insurance card according to the plan with limits and deductible on the services. Long and short term plans are very much similar but still there are major differences on certain terms.

Short term plans do not cover for pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are medical problems get documented before finalizing the policy coverage. It also does not offer preventative care. You cannot get guaranteed health coverage with short term plan and it only offers coverage for major health problems. Guaranteed health plans are commonly expensive. But if due to any reason you choose to get guaranteed health care plan then there is no need to enroll in a short term plan.

What is the need and importance of short term plans?

Short term plans may not be available for every individual but some may find it good in their situation. People in-between jobs, temporary workers and students may get benefits from short term plans. There plans are generally available with easy qualification criteria which are much easier to qualify for. It is also cheaper option to get health benefits. Short term health and medical insurance plans are good choice for them who posses better health situation and need health coverage just to cover illness and health accident for shorter period of time.

If you are out of job and unable to access health cover from previous employer then short term health plans can help you. It is also helpful when you do not have any job and unable to get health benefit from family health plans due to aging issue. Apart from these, there may also be some other situations where you require individual and short term plan. Before enrolling in any plan, it is essential to compare the available plans and then finally select a plan beneficial in your situation.

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