SHERIFF 'Joe Justice'

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     He's the no nonsense, no excuses, no political correctness Sheriff that most American citizens nationally have come to know, love and respect. At 80 years young (he'll be 81 in June), the feisty son of Italian immigrants is showing no signs of powering down. I often ponder ... where are all of the other moral, ethical and acerbic Chiefs, Sheriffs, Generals, Mayors, Governors and other elected officials who love this country and respect its rule of law like Sheriff Joe? Why don't they stand-up and demand enforcement of right and wrong? Why do people morph into neutered-mode when they are cast into leadership positions when the country is on the precipitous of hell and our borders define 'porous'? These "leaders" need to lead, get the hell out of the way, or get behind Sheriff Joe.       

     Born Joseph M. Arpaio in Springfield, Massachusetts the newborn son provided an early indication that his existence would be different than the status quo - sadly, his mother died while giving birth to him. His father, a grocery store owner, raised him and at age 18 an anxious Joe joined the Army and departed town to make something of his life. After his tour in the service, young Arpaio became a police officer, than a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and later, head of Arizona's Drug Enforcement Administration. Along his career path (unlike most sycophant officials and politicians), Joe became more principled and virtuous. The voters of Maricopa County, Arizona recognized these traits in Joe and responded in-kind by electing him Sheriff in the landslide 1992 election. Voters followed that up with massive election wins for Sheriff Joe in 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008. But the successive election wins is not why Joe is admired and cheered - it's because he faces adversity like a man [rare these days], he's fearless with our socialist media 'repeaters,' he battles nefarious socialists and criminal-rights groups daily, yet he's relentless in his stance for truth and justice.                  

     In this phony, selfish, parent-less age in America where debt is expected, criminals are protected, victims are often scorned, judges are politically appointed and lenient, and cultural boundaries and expectations are eroding, Sheriff Joe doubles-down on experience, wisdom and righteousness. Not only does he arrest Illegals and other law breakers, he puts them to work and "reminds" them that jail and prisons aren't for picnics. He fights our sell-out government on immigrant deviants and is scrapping to see the real birth certificate of Hussein Obama, if one exists. He knows why this country is disintegrating and it's not because it's too strict with its miscreants - it's because it's too lenient - and only a handful of leaders possess the courage to admit it, face it, and do something about it. 

     America is in a divided battle between right and wrong, hard work and determination vs. taking, old-fashioned American ethics and morals vs. lawbreaking, and entering the USA legally vs. illegally. Joe Justice resides on the former in all of those dichotomies. This has unleashed the communists, socialists, illegal immigrants, and incredibly, our own Statist federal government against him. Too much of America has become a country that rewards lawbreaking, takes the easy way out, easily accepts handouts, and disrespects the greatest societal manual ever written, the U.S. Constitution. This is a recipe for disaster and is indicative of a country that is self-destructing. 

     At 80 years young, Sheriff Joe certainly doesn't need the strife that comes with doing the right thing for the county he serves and law abiding Americans that continue to elect him. He has had an accomplished and successful life and could easily meander out of the harsh media spotlight and enjoy the rest of his life in peace. But he isn't built that way (most people now are), and that is why this country is free-falling. Keep up the fight Joe, Arizona needs you, we need you, this country needs you ... and millions more like you. Your mother gave all for your principled life (she would be immensely proud), and you're giving yours for us. We sincerely thank you.

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