SEXTING! Naked Pictures via iPhone: Seems Teens Do It LESS Than Even We Thought??

Posted on Dec 12 2011 at 05:25:48 PM in

Ah that old nugget is back, SEXTING! Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Kat Dennings, Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, The Weiner, Snooki and Miley Cyrus, all armed with a smartphone, a mirror and a penchant for flashing the flesh. Clearly highpants loves these dribbles and drabs from celebs, there is a more real side to all this though – Regret!? While flashing flesh might be an integral part of the PR machine that is the entertainment industry, in our normal humdrum lives naughty pix can be a pain. And while we’ve sat around here making much noise about the dangers of sexting, it turns out teenagers are more sensible than we give them credit for. According to a new study they are sending naked pictures of themselves at much lower rates than previously thought. A study in 2008 found one in five American teens had sent a naked or semi-naked picture electronically. The new study claims those findings are way off the mark. Janis Wolak, from the Crimes Against Children Research Centre at the University of New Hampshire, says the findings have major implications for sexting education programs. D★D READ MORE


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