Sevaral Easy but Necessary Things to Do in the New Accommodation

Posted on Jul 28 2011 at 10:17:35 AM in House & Garden

When you move to a new accommodation the best thing to do is to try to make it cosy enough for you and your family. Do not save efforts because if you do, you will continue this way through the whole tenancy. However, this means that everybody but you will see that your place is dirty and messy. So, start with the care from the very beginning. 


Here is what your actions should be step by step in details:


1. Start with the rubbish. Remove as much of it as possible. However, some of the stuff you consider garbage may have sentimental value for your property owner and he/she may forbid you to get rid them. So, if you do not want to have troubles you'd better ask before throwing away anything. Other aspect of this procedure is that some of the old stuff you find may only look old but they may be pretty useful  for you during the tenancy, so think twice on everything and do not hurry.


2. Cleaning- once,with all the unnecessary things away you can easily call a pre tenancy cleaner to tidy up around. This will save you time and efforts, which you will need later on. Of course, you can clean by your self but this means that you will need some special knowledge and equipment. If you do not have these things you'd better rely on professional services. This way you will guarantee yourself easier and more effective cleaning from this moment on.


3. Arrange everything in a way that you want it to be all the time. If you leave something for the next day or the next week it almost certainly will stay this way during the whole tenancy. So, do it now and forget about it. 


Performing these simple actions guarantees you as clean accommodation as possible and, of course, best possible beginning of the tenancy. From this point on, you may not always call the pre tenancy cleaners to tidy up. You can simply do it yourself, because it won't be hard at all, I guarantee you that. 

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