"Serious EV competitor is on the rise".

Posted on Jan 27 2011 at 01:58:07 AM in Cars & Vehicles by dario-zap-beijing-blogspot-com

\"Serious EV competitor is on the rise\".

After Last Year's annoncement from Electric-car maker and distributer ZAP published the acquisition intention of the Chinese auto maker Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co. Ltd., I uderstood it was a convenient outsourcing production move, but now seeing how the EV industry is becomeing part of our daily talk and concerns, had to check the updated evolution steps taken for the deal.

Based on statistical data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), projected a 18 million units world record sales, delivering in total 18,061.900 new vehicles (32.37% more than 2009), while The Chinese Gov. have notifyed soon to come potentially market-stimulating incentives for EVs in order to reduce dependency in foreign oil, currently buyers of fuel efficient vehicles are entitled to 3000yuan subsidy according to the National Develoment and Refor Commission statement from June 2010.

This got me the perspective that the aim is to popularize fuel-efficient vehicles, enhancing price competitiveness while boosting sales. Considering the under developed infrastructure for electric vehicles, such as battery charging stations, the task do not show any ease on volume of investment needed to accomplish the main goal, "to build and develop EV's for a new scale growth market".

The interview published by VerdeX on Jan-4th, to ZAP CEO S.Schneider, expliciting the intentions to target the Chinese Auto Market was clear. After the news report about the signed deal with the Shanghai officials showing impresive synergy between business and government leaders from the Bay Area US-CA and Shanghai regions, fostered in part by a state delegation that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Council led to China in September 2010, from which ZAP CEO is a member for strategic support in electric vehicles and other key areas. ZAP and Jonway Auto, agreed to provide charging stations, battery swap facilities and maintenance depots for the city's commercial Yangpu district - Shanghai.

My alarms entered a full blaze status, as Zap commited to also develop a pilot electric vehicle eco-city programne involving the use of its vehicles in Yangpu's bus, taxi and government fleets and sales and marketing offices and R&D centres to be located there, reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

This new standards are behig established by/for this company to make me confidently state that a "serious EV competitor is on the rise", and some more remarcable facts will be confirming this statement in the next quarters of 2011.