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Posted on Nov 20 2012 at 11:29:15 AM in Real Estate

When it comes to successful house sales, the overall appearance or the so-called curb appeal is vital. Making the house pretty for a sale means dealing with the exterior as it delivers the first and often final impression of the property and the buyers need too like what they see in order for further negotiations to take place. The property's interior is just as important but estate agents advise to deal with the interior first and leave the exterior for last. This way you can plan things properly in case you wish to do major exterior remodeling. A walk around the house will give you a good indication as to which things have to be repaired, replaced or removed altogether.

The years of use and the elements can take their toll on the house exterior, even if you keep the inside clean as a whistle so take the time and check things. Drainpipes and leaf catchments should be working properly, they don't really get affected by the weather too much but clogs are usual so flush out any stuck leaves or branches.

Remember, that proper drainage of water, snow, slush and leaves from the roof is very important and can save you thousands in additional repairs. Blinds, shutters and any other window and door coverings have also to be working properly, if retractable and to latch securely. Nowadays, security is a on the mind of all home buyers and having a properly working set of roller shutters can be of interest to the buyers.

Depending on the type of exterior, there might be additional repairs and work needed on the weather boards or any other exterior covering - rotting and bent planks are a no go so make sure you deal with such damages properly. If the place needs repainting then consider it an investment or a guarantee for a better sale price. The place will need cleaning too so call in a team of cleaners in Hanwell and have them work their magic, they can handle all types of house cleaning Clapham Park is serviced seven days a week.

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