Say Goodbye to Fire Ants

Posted on Sep 22 2012 at 01:47:47 PM in Business & Economy

Fire ants are some of the insects whose sting hurts a lot. They are given that name because of the painful sensation of being burned one feels when stung by fire ants. If fire ants are a problem for you, CRC Industries' new products are meant for you. They have introduced two new products: Fire Ant Killer and Fire Ant Killer Granules.

The Fire Ant Killer is an insecticide that acts quickly as it kills fire ants as soon as it is sprayed on them. It has a formula that is non-chlorinated making it safe to use on most kinds of plastic. One spray can accurately drench fire ants up to twenty feet in distance. You can also use the insecticide to purge fire ants in their mounds because of the special 23-inch injector rod that comes with the can.

The Fire Ant Killer can be used outdoors, around electric, power, and telecommunications equipment, wire or cable installation sites, and other industrial areas. Moreover, it is the only fire ant killer that has a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on its label, providing users with safety information.

The CRC Fire Ant KillerGranules on the other hand, come in pouches meant for single use within a 12-inch by 12-inch area. The granules stop the creation of new fire ant mounds within the treated area. 


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