Savings worth giggling about!

Posted on Apr 17 2012 at 10:04:27 AM in Television

 have never heard of the GiggleBellies before until a friend of mine gave a
Facebook shout out to these animated toddler videos. How could I not check out
something called GiggleBellies? I did my research and thought, "My daughter
might enjoy some musical DVDs."  Well I under estimated how enthralled she
became when I put the DVDs on. Even my 3 year old loves dancing around to fun
loving characters and my 8 month old sits and stares at the animations.  She has
even started to dance and clap when I turn the DVD on which is adorable. The
music is all fun traditional and original songs like, "Wheels on the Bus and
ABCs". GiggleBellies just puts a creative spin on old favorites! It is
truly a musical adventure that the whole family will enjoy. My eldest daughter
was a big fan of Baby Einsteins but my younger daughter prefers GiggleBellies. 
They keep her attention longer which is always a plus for mommy! GiggleBellies
have won numerous creative and family awards.  Check out their website . They even have printable pictures for older
children to color. Below is a little preview of one of my daughter's favorite
videos.  I have contacted GiggleBellies and they have offered my blog readers
20% discount off your purchase. Offer ends April 26th. 
GiggleBellies has a promotion now if you buy both DVDs (which I have both
and love) the company will take an additional $4 off. Enter coupon code
F98O4JN0N7ZV3 at checkout! Buy your DVDs today and enjoy
savings worth giggling about!

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