Save Your Sofa from Most Its Common Ailments

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Save Your Sofa from Most Its Common Ailments

Every room in your home deserves equal attention. However, when the rubber gloves are put on the rooms to receive your undivided attention appear to be the kitchen and the bathroom, which really do need a descent scrub. The living room usually gets a quick tidy-up without much attention and there is a silent victim in this situation that remains constantly neglected. I'm talking about couches of course.


Cleaner E3 teams advise that you need to apply extra care to your couch, because even if it is in a state of constant use, it gets dirty and the longer you avoid cleaning it, the harder it'll be to reverse the damages done by the dirt. One of the common ailments that plague couches is pet hair, which is relatively easy to be removed from a leather couch, but not so much from a fabric couch. One of the methods that I use is to roll a lint brush over the couch. The other is to don your leather gloves and run them opposite the direction of the fabric. This friction will cause the hair to form balls and get dislodged from the fabric.


Another tough job is the tiny spaces between seats, which have proven to be magnets for junk and lint and crumbs. The solution here's a vacuum cleaner, which works best if the seats can be removed and then cleaned. If they can't the removed, buy a narrow fixture for the hose so that you will be more than capable to reach within these crevices.


Stains are trickier, because of them can be removed at home without much of a hassle, using just a bit of mild detergent, be it a dish-washing liquid or even laundry detergent. However, treating it at home may cause further complications, for which professionals like cleaner E3 teams are equipped to handle better than you. Of course, even if you book a cleaning service, it should be noted that a gentle attempt at blotting the stain has never hurt anyone.


Follow these instructions and you can be sure that you will have a noticeably cleaner sofa.

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