Samsung Galaxy S4 - Indeed the Talk of the Town

Posted on Jan 9 2013 at 05:10:26 AM in Electonics

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Indeed the Talk of the Town

Samsung, the name only, resonates in mind. This South Korean company swiped the techno market with its Galaxy series, thus leaving no stone unturned to fetch the numerous. Well now the excitement ushers further because of an addition to the Galaxy Series with Samsung Galaxy S4! The company has kept the details under wraps but the anticipations are on a high.


The phone, predicted to launch in the first half of 2013, boasts of a sleek attractive body, indeed the thinnest one! The 1080P grand amoled display is surely a feature to look forward too. An exhilarating pixel density of around 440 pixels per inch (PPI) is being flaunted by the phone. The technology of flexible display was also being rumored of, though such rumors have been whiled away as of now. This gadget would definitely offer a splendid experience to its users and set the market on fire. With a 13 MP camera, photography lovers are promised to get attracted, because it does away with the need of carrying and managing a camera.


Another feature to look out for is its magnanimous speed as it inculcates in itself a 2.0 4GHZ Quad processor. If rumors are set to be believed, Samsung may shift to the Tizen OS. Yet other states that it might use Android 5.0 key lime pie. Guess the company loves to keep anonymity in this very basic feature. This, therefore, might turn out to be a huge surprise on its release. Furthermore, anticipations yield that a projection laser keyboard dock might be included. Now that’s what you call imagination turning into reality! The phone might also possess a wireless charging system. This fact is established on the patent filed by Samsung last year regarding wireless charging. Talking on the phone, tussling with the charger’s wire can be a quite cumbersome process. So doing away with the charger and its wires is quite a relief. Inductive systems, a part of wireless charging technology, are responsible for providing power to portable devices, thus doing away with the chaos of chargers.


This phone, however, may burn a hole in the pockets of many, as forecasts claim its price to go beyond the previous’ in the series, S3. So it can be priced around £499.


This fancy gadget, even before its release is winning the hearts of many, while the others are wrecking their nerves on prophecies about the features. Well whatever it maybe, Samsung Galaxy S4 is indeed the talk of the town. A phone must watch out for!

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