Sales Management Training – lessons from training workshops

Posted on Jul 14 2011 at 04:58:18 AM in B2B

Sales management is probably the most important role in the sales organisation, but has typically enjoyed less organisational focus and resources than it deserves.

However,  focusing on leadership, motivation, coaching and performance management can be very effective in raising the performance of the entire sales team and will typically meet all the objectives given by sales managers when they come to training programmes:

  • To learn the key elements of the sales management role
  • To develop clearer job roles, sales structures and standards of performance across the team
  • To create key account management and account plans
  • To identify how motivation works to increase performance of each individual in the team
  • To improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of each salesperson
  • To create a team approach in order to utilise individual strengths and capabilities
  • To learn how coaching can improve sales skills and behaviours
  • To establish better measures and controls for monitoring sales activity and performance


After the training

During sales management training, sales managers are exposed to new thinking and new techniques, which they readily agree will make them better sales managers and will improve sales performance.
However, sales managers need to translate what they have learned in the training programmes into new management behaviours in order to raise the overall sales performance of their sales team.
But what are the key points that will ensure that this transfer of learning takes place?

What works?

  • Sharing what they have learned with the sales team
  • Spending more time sales managing rather than selling
  • Asking the team to think more strategically about customer importance and priorities
  • Creating standards of performance and measuring each salesperson against them
  • Spending time with each sales team member to find out what makes them tick
  • Establishing individual coaching and personal development plans
  • Involving the sales team joint projects to improve team-working and to find better ways of working


What doesn’t work?

  • Not implementing new ideas straight away and continuing with ineffective management behaviours
  • Spending too much time selling and not enough time managing
  • Only focusing on the ends of sales performance (targets & results) rather than on the means (skills & strategy)
  • Postponing coaching sessions because they are thought to be difficult
  • Not spending enough time accompanying individual salespeople in the field
  • Taking over the sale, rather than just observing the process as part of the coaching initiative
  • Not developing specific job roles and standards of performance, by which to assess sales performance



Sales management training gives sales managers all the tools and techniques they need to raise sales performance, provided they translate this new learning into new activities and behaviours of sales team members.

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