Saintologie Chooses Annie Lennox as Sainted Famously Personality Of The Month

Posted on Mar 18 2011 at 07:29:42 PM in Music

Saintologie is pleased to showcase a famous personality each month who has taken the steps to be the change he or she wants to see in the world in our effort to raise awareness on the Saintologie Be Sainted Movement: Having a saintly concern for your fellow man, nature, and wildlife. We hope that you all become as inspired as we have to be the change you all want to see in the world.

Annie Lennox - Please visit Annie's Professional Webpage and Charity Webpage Sing to learn about her extraordinary effort to raise HIV/AIDS awareness in Africa. She is scheduled to receive the Humanitarian Award at the 2011 NARM Convention at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 12.

Several years ago I personally witnessed Nelson Mandela standing in front of his former prison cell on Robben island addressing the world press. His message was that the pandemic of HIV/AIDS in Africa was in fact a genocide, since that time I resolved to to do as much as I can to bring attention to the HIV/AIDS crisis. cell - Annie Lennox

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