Saint Seiya – Taurus Aldebaran Free Papercraft

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Saint Seiya – Taurus Aldebaran Free Papercraft

This paper craft is humanised Aquarius Camus, one of Gold Saints, based on the anime Saint Seiya, the paper model was created by ACE Crafts. Masami Kurumada introduced Aldebaran in chapter 29, contained in vol.8 of his manga. Aldebaran is one of the 12 Guardians of Sanctuary, with the Taurus as his destined constellation. He was physically the strongest of the Gold Saints of modern era. He is Brazilian in origin.

Unlike most of the characters, Aldebaran is often depicted as a friendly guy, laughing and being less serious in times of peace. He was a good friend of Aries Mu, and with Pegasus Seiya.

In a flashback in the anime version of the Hades Saga, he is shown to awkwardly accept the gift of a flower from an unnamed small girl, while Aiolia, Mu and other village girls from around the Sanctuary look on.

Although Aldebaran followed the orders of the Pope, he was growing suspicious of his integrity and tested the Bronze saints during their invasion on the Sanctuary. According to Aries Mu, Aldebaran could have killed all of them if he used his true power, but Aldebaran answered that if his enemies were fighting so hard, then their beliefs couldn’t be all wrong.

In Saint Seiya Episode G, Aldebaran is depicted as an easy-going person who likes to buy little mementos. He is also shown as someone who has strong faith in his beliefs and learns from his past errors, seeing them as steps and not sins. Due to that, he was able to easily defeat the Brabeus Talanton that was smashing Leo Aiolia and Capricorn Shura with the weight of their sins.

Being a Brazilian character made Aldebaran popular in Brazil, since he is one of the few Brazilian characters in manga and anime, and Saint Seiya was hugely popular in Brazil.

You can download the Gold Saints Saint Seiya – Taurus Aldebaran Free Papercraft Download

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