s-CRY-ed – Kazuma Shell Bullet Form Free Paper Craft

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This papercraft is the Kazuma (Shell Bullet Form), based on the anime TV series s-CRY-ed, the paper model was created by moekami. Kazuma (aka The Shell Bullet, The Treasoner) is thought to not think before he acts, but this proves to be false. He does think, but rather quickly. He is headstrong, a trait that causes he and Ryuho to be bitter rivals. He claims he doesn’t have a last name on multiple occasions.

kazuma has a unbreakable will he has proven that under no circumstaces will he ever give up or admit defeat, kazuma is also incedibly rebellious and hate’s the thought of being controlled by anyone, he claims to be selfish a alter user who will do anything for the right price, but this is not true kazuma will challenge any foe or odds to protect the ones he cares for. He is also obsessed with defeating ryoho he sees him as a enemy, but learns to respect him.

Kazuma is first seen attacking the plane Mimori is on, but he is only using it as a means of transport to get to where the HOLY representative is being held captive. After he recieves the payment, he heads back home, and, against his better judgement most likely(as usual for the Treasoner), gave most of the money to some kid who’s father was injured. He had never met anyone as skilled with Alter as Ryuho, and Kazuma’s soundly trounced.

However, even as he’s confined at HOLY’s facility, he refuses to admit defeat. Eventually, with help from Mimori Kiryu, he actually manages to escape back to the outside. As he learns of HOLD and HOLY and their underhanded tactics, Kazuma begins to focus his attention on them. After the thrashing he got from Ryuho, seeing their darker side just makes him that much angrier. He yearns to tear HOLD apart for trying to ruin people’s lives, and if he can pay Ryuho back for their first encounter, all the better.But with a sense that he isn’t yet strong enough, Kazuma does what he does best: pick an option, charge headlong, and don’t let anything stand in the way. So he heads for the Alter Forest, full of wild animal Alter Users.

There Kazuma comes face to face with a peculiar Alter, one Ryuho had once told him about. In the course of the battle, he manages to rip off the spine of the Alter, which immediately grows back, and this evolves his own Alter, making it much more powerful. When he fights Ryuho the third time, this time with the Shell Bullet, the sheer force of their fight rips open a door to the “other side” and throws them into it briefly. In the aftermath of the Second Uprising that he and Ryuho unleashed, Kazuma spends the next eight months fighting in an arena, fighting without a reason, but unlike Ryuho, it seems he has not forgotten anything, as he didn’t question who Tachibana and Mimori were.

After an encounter with Mimori and Asuka Tachibani however, he begins to pick himself back up and starts looking for Kanami, and he ultimately finds her and Ryuho again at the same time, just before Kanami is kidnapped. He’s shown to have a rather simple past with Straight Cougar who had taught him the Bullet techniques.

s-CRY-ed, aka s.CRY.ed or Scryed, is a 26 episode Japanese anime TV series, produced by Sunrise, directed by Gorō Taniguchi and written by Yōsuke Kuroda, which first aired in Japan on TV Tokyo and Animax. The music for the series was composed by Kōtarō Nakagawa. A manga adaptation, drawn by Yasunari Toda, was serialized in Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shōnen Champion.

Set several years after “The Great Uprising”, a future geological phenomenon in the Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo, people have developed a power granting them the ability to deconstruct, reshape, and crystallize matter at a molecular level using only thought and willpower. These people have come to be known as “Alter” users. With only 1% of the newborn generations receiving such special power, though this number rises steadily as the series progresses, some feel a superiority over normal humans.

There are two opposing forces of alters: the Native Alters, a group of Alter users who live outside the central city and avoid any relationships with the government; and HOLY, an organization of Alter users that are a subgroup of an organization called HOLD. HOLD functions as the Mainland government’s super police force of the Lost Ground, while HOLY, composed exclusively of Alter users, serves as the “special operations” group, aiding HOLD in performing dangerous missions that might require the help of an Alter user.

Kazuma and Ryuhou are the two s-CRY-ed characters bearing a rivalry used to drive and focus the plot. They spend much of the series trying to defeat each other, even when they are forced to work together. Neither can forget their bitter rivalry.

There is also a narrator, Kanami. Kanami is a close friend of Kazuma, who protects her and treats her like a little sister. She narrates the series with her dreams, unknowingly using her alter power to “scry” the emotions of the people she feels closely about. Her ability to peer into the emotions of the main characters is used frequently throughout the series to bring insight to the characters, and to tease viewers during previews for the next episode.

The series progresses through the initial introduction of the Alter power to a wider understanding of the politics and reason for “The Great Uprising”. Each episode showcases a new Alter user, and his/her Alter, or a growth of the Alter of a previously introduced character. “The Great Uprising” is later revealed to be caused by a similar event in a parallel universe where all creatures are independent thinking Alters. During one of Ryuhou and Kazuma’s battles, they open a gateway to the parallel universe, causing another uprising and attracting the attention of the Mainland government. The Mainland sends its agent, Kyouji Mujo, to the Lost Ground in an attempt to exploit the power of the parallel universe for economic gain. Mujo develops delusions of grandeur after becoming the defacto head of the Lost Ground government and absorbing the crystal entity from “the other side” to add to his already formidable Alter power. Both he and the crystal entity are defeated by the separate efforts of Kazuma and Ryuhou, respectively. The Mainland once again attempts to exert control over the Lost Ground by sending in a fleet of refined Alter users under their control, but they are defeated by Kazuma and Ryuhou.

After defeating the Mainland forces, Kazuma and Ryuhou engage in one final battle to settle their rivalry. After exhausting themselves to the point that they are too weak to maintain their Alters, they fight on with their bare hands till neither can move. In the next scene, a silhouetted hand is raised by the victor, the hand makes the symbol of the Zetsuei and then curls into a fist the same way Kazuma does when summoning his Alter. An epilogue, taking place years later, Kazuma and Ryuho remain the protectors of the Lost Ground, defending it from Mainland invaders. An older Kanami, who now has full control over her alter, awaits their return.

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