Ruthenia ciscarpatica

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Hard to tell Ruthenia. Also the Ruthenians or rusinos. Above all Rusyns are eastern Slavs. Like Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. Your tongue should qualify Ukrainian dialect. They are therefore the most western of the eastern Slavs. Many in the Ukrainian Transcarpathian Oblast today. On this side , on the Danube, more specifically in the Tisa River (1358 km!), where he was born. These rusinos Highlanders are divided into four linguistic groups: from west to east, Lemko, Boyko and Hutsul doliniano. The first and last were, even their own ephemeral republics during the chaotic end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the advent of the Soviet revolution.
In the broad sense of them called Ruthenians to Belarusians (Ruthenians or White Russians), Ukrainians (especially those of the Dniester Galicia whose ancient inhabitants (Ruthenians red) and the Ruthenians Carpathians. Ruthenia There was even the term Black to refer to the Grodno region. clarify that these names were used as colored mainly by Polish sources and Latinas . Today the term is used, and is bounded to the Carpathian Ruthenians. They live mainly in its territory "natural" comprising part of Polish Galicia, part of Slovakia and the oblast named above, and, as a major migrant communities in Vojvodina and in the U.S. (the father of Andy Warhol came the Ruthenian Slovak ). To complicate matters I must say that the eastern half of the province of Transcarpathia (Zakarpattia) sits on the northern Maramures covering the entire right bank of Tisa in this region. Therefore I propose to confine the region of Ruthenia Ciscarpática north of the "comitatos" Hungarian Ung, Bereg and Ugocsa, using, in principle, when the borders of Czechoslovakia was created in 1918. I can not go without talking briefly about the Lemko. Situated on the Vistula Galicia, before integration in interwar Poland overinflated, proclaimed no less than two different republics: the People's Republic of Lemkos seeking an impossible union with Russia and the Republic of Komancza (33 municipalities filoucranianos). Alongside the boykos suffered by Operation Vistula , 1947, deportation almost complete them towards the new German territories incorporated into Poland. Worth, and is fair, remember this episode of ethnic cleansing, armed and carried out by communist Poland and Central Europe were forgotten by historians.
Short box dates to Ruthenia Ciscarpática:
_ Until 1920 almost a millennium in the kingdom of Hungary .
_ 1920-1939              Czechoslovakia .
_ 1939-1944              Hungary .
_ 1945-1991               USSR .
_ 1991 - present.        Ukraine . In short, I sincerely believe that the inclusion of the Transcarpathian Oblast in Ukraine is the best thing that could have happened, indeed, was the only plausible solution. Clearly secessionist desires of this province, at present, are encouraged by a Russia that seeks to punish a divided Ukraine.
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