Rusty Solomon, The Aircraft Repo Man

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Rusty Solomon, The Aircraft Repo Man

Rusty Solomon has an interesting and fulfilling career and some would argue that there could be a high degree of adventure in it, where else would a day on the job entail commandeering a helicopter from a police station simply because they did not pay their bill. When you deal with repossessions there is always the element of danger as owners of the individual aircrafts make a last ditched effort to hold on to their property, however, police officers have a way of frowning on someone trying to take their possessions and it can sometimes involve dodging bullets just to stay alive.


Living aboard a submarine has got to be very cramped for all who are subjected to it and that goes double if you happen to be one of the key players in the Navy. If you are the one preparing the meals then it could get much more interesting. As Rusty Solomon sets about to prepare breakfast for upwards of 160 men, he contributes to an important part of how their day will turn out. We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, it has the potential of substantially improving or destroying everything after that point, can you imagine a crew that has managed to consume food that went bad? I guess it must be better than Rusty Solomon Disbarred.


Some people take pride in their ability to play and win in a card game, Rusty Solomon felt that he had what it took to be the best and would enter a tournament every so often. If he remembered that a game was on, it would not be unheard of for him to stop what he was doing and head to the game. At one time he had a flashback that he was driving a cab and remembered that there was a poker event, he left his route and headed straight there, only to realize after it was all said and done that there was still a passenger sitting in the back seat. For Rusty, tradition is important and whatever the consequences, he will usually make it happen.

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