Room In A Boxx - Frequently Asked Questions

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Room In A Boxx - Frequently Asked Questions
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Room In A Boxx - Leeds - Interior Design Service

In the process of delivering our interior design service, were often asked similar questions about our interior design service.  So in response to meeting the needs of our clients we've highlighted the most frequent questions and answers about our service?  If you don't find the answer your looking for here be sure to let us know.

Q:  What types of interior design advice does Room In A Boxx offer?

 A:  Room In A Boxx is able to answer interior design advice queries via e-mail.  We charge for a minimum half hour and thereafter for each half hour of answering queries and sourcing product, as required.   Please get in touch to find out how we can offer assistance for your project.

  • We offer interior design advice covering basic space planning, colour scheme, furnishings and window treatments as part of our standard consultation.

Q:  How do the Room In A Boxx interior accessorizing design packages work and what makes them different from your generic interior design service?

A:  Room In A Boxx offer generic interior design advice and support to individuals who are interested in making changes to their interior.  This may be on small or large scale and could include structural work also.  Room In A Boxx works with a number of building and decorating contractors to deliver interior design improvements.

  • Our Room In A Boxx concept is designed to help individuals transform a space quickly, creating an instant impact and can be used but is not limited to individuals who want to make mainly cosmetic changes.
  • Room In A Boxx interior design accessorizing packages are designed to offer alternatives to individuals who would prefer to access our bespoke interior design service by electronic methods, having their room design packages delivered by post.  Our Room In A Boxx packages equally work well for individuals who prefer to access our interior design consultation service to discuss their needs prior to commissioning a room makeover or receiving their design package via post.  Take a look at our Home page for further details about our services or get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Q:  Is Room In A Boxx’s interior design service accessible to someone on a limited budget?

A:  Yes, most individuals will be working to a budget and can have budget constraints.  The beauty of our bespoke interior design service is that our services can be specifically tailored to the needs of the individual and their project whatever the size.  We are flexible with our charges and can work by the hour or for an agreed project price.

Q:  What other services does Room In A Boxx provide?

A:  We provide a de-cluttering service to individuals who want to maximise the pace in their home and need some practical support and ideas to achieve their aim.

  • We also provide an interior design buddying service to work along side individuals who have their own ideas about improving their interiors, who need the confidence to proceed and manage their project.
  • Detailed room recipe’s.
  • Interior design personal shopping service including online.

Q:  How can we stay up to date with Room In A Boxx?

A:  Room In A Boxx uses its blog “interiordesignsleeds” to share interior design ideas and advice.  You can also find us on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook, by following our links or our follow buttons on our website.

Q:  Does Room In A Boxx sell interior design products?

A:  Yes we have a selection of interior design room ingredients including cushions, throws and scented candles, which we are able to offer as part of our bespoke generic interior design service and interior design packages.

Q:  How can we contact Room In A Boxx for further information?

A:  We can be contacted by phone, directly by e-mail or by using our contact forms via our website .

 Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Contact Marcia on 0800 028 9593 or e-mail



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