Romancing The Bitch Pad

Posted on Jan 11 2013 at 01:13:25 PM in Personal

I remember the first ride on the bitch pad.  My boyfriend, whom you all know now as my husband Bart, picked me up.  His first passenger on his new bike.  The bitch pad was a simple seat, no sissy bar, no gel comfort, just a "pad".  I sat with anticipation wrapping my arms around this amazing man.  The whole trip my arms did not leave the comfort of his waist.

Six months later, when we realized this relationship was going places, Bart got the bitch pad augmented with gel and had it enlarged.  Oh the comfort.  I still snuggled up with my arms wrapped around him.

A few months later, Bart introduced me to the sissy bar.  Took me about three trips, but then I got the hang of it.  I can now lean back on my bitch pad and relax a little.  Hmm....I don't really need to hang on as tight my hands now rest on his waist. know where this is going.  The next stage was a better sissy bar new seat and independence.  I now sat with my arms resting on my legs or tucked behind Bart's back.  What a life!  I felt so comfy.

Fast forward to a year ago, the new new seat of comfort.  I have arm rests!  I am now snug as a bug!  My arms no longer hug my husband and my hands no longer rest on his waist.  Oh the pure comfort.

Bart on the other hand....well, as much as he loves the fact I am an excellent passenger and he forgets I am back there, I truly believe secretly he is missing my arms wrapped around him.  So, every so often I make sure I hang on for dear life so that he knows...I may have a comfortable bitch pad, but I have an even better husband.

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