Risk Factors of Aboriginal Health

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Risk Factors of Aboriginal Health

Aborigines are original inhabitants and descendents of Australia. However in addition to many other issues aboriginal health issues are major concerns these days. Cardiovascular disease remains one of the most common health problems in aboriginals. The main reason behind this is their lifestyle. The physical activity among the men and women of these communities are relatively less and due to several issues.


According to a study, aboriginal health lags 100 years behind the rest of the world population. Apart from all there are certain health problems that are seen only among these people and some of them are not even heard of today in any part of the world. The life span of men and women of this community is far less than normal people. The government and many non profit organizations are deeply concerned about these aspects and they are busy creating campaigns to raise awareness among aboriginal people.


Scott Evangelista wants to participate in the awareness program and help aboriginal people lead a better and long life. There are many reasons behind the bad health conditions of aboriginal people like smoking, exercise infrequently, abuse substances and being obese. However, according to the experts the cardiovascular diseases are to a great extent preventable. The main thing is that the indigenous people are not only leading an unhealthy and small life but they are also unable to afford proper and regular medical checkups and treatments.


There are many associations and organizations that are working and developing strategies to improve aboriginal health. There needs to be created awareness about health among these people because only when they start paying attention to nutrition and getting rid of using abuse substances, smoking and consuming alcohol. This will happen when they are educated about living a healthy life and they are provided with better medical facilities as well.


Although a lot has been done in this regard, it is a long way to go. Perhaps the next generation will be able to increase their life span and have better health facilities by following the directions and guidelines provided by experts and professionals.

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