Review:Star Wars - The Force Unleashed

Posted on Feb 26 2010 at 12:56:03 AM in Games

Review:Star Wars - The Force Unleashed

Star Wars is different from all the other N-Gage games because they use a new technology called Cell Weaver. You use your normal directions keys to ‘weave’ patterns. For instance, to use the Jedi power of Heal you would type: up, right, down, left. It is a real nice novelty and great to play with. Really makes Star Wars stand out from all the other N-Gage games.

The graphics are great and so is the sound. So where are the problems?

The 7 commandments of video games were written by David Wong for Cracked magazine. The fifth commandment states that: Thou shalt not force repetition on the player. That is exactly what they do in the Star Wars game.

Just before a boss battle there is always a little cut scene. The scene is always about the hero meeting the boss, they have some dialogue and then they fight. If you die during the fight, you have to watch the entire scene again. The scene can not be skipped. If you die 5 times you have to watch the scene 5 times. If you die 10 times, you have to watch the scene 10 times. Luckily the scenes are short enough not to kill the game play.

The biggest reason I would say not to buy  this game, it is very short. After playing for just an hour I completed the game, but one of the N-Gage point pick ups is only unlocked after playing 20 hours. So now I have to play a game, I already finished, for another 19 hours just so I can get the last pick up. (N-Gage pickups are like X-Box achievements, they are unlocked when you perform a certain feat inside the game, showing the whole world that you pwned the game.)

Playing the game for 19 hours is not an achievement, its just torture.

Verdict - Don't Buy

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