Resident Evil: Retribution – Alice Free Papercraft

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Resident Evil: Retribution – Alice Free Papercraft

This papercraft is the Alice, based on the science fiction film Resident Evil: Retribution, the paper model was created by Jp-papercraft. Alice is the main protagonist of the Resident Evil movies, portrayed by Milla Jovovich. She is also known as Alice Parks, “Project Alice” and Alice Abernathy.

Alice was once an Umbrella security operative placed at the mansion to protect the Hive’s emergency entrance. Alice was married to Spence Parks; however, it was revealed to be a fake in order to protect the secrecy of the Hive’s existence.

Shortly after the battle aboard the Arcadia began, Alice was injured in the destruction of a Umbrella osprey and was thrown overboard. Recovered from the waters by the Umbrella Corporation, Alice is taken to a bio weapons testing facility known as Umbrella Prime. When Alice wakes, Jill Valentine appears and begins an interrogation. After several unsuccessful attempts, the power unexpectedly goes out allowing Alice to escape from her cell.

After escaping a laser grid defense measure, Alice finds herself in a simulation of Tokyo where she battles a horde of zombies that include Japan’s patient zero. About to be overwhelmed, Alice flees through a door that leads back into the facility and enters the Operations Center only to find the personnel dead. Alice encounters Ada Wong – immediately recognizing her as the associate of Wesker. Wesker appears on a monitor and Ada explains that she and Wesker no longer work for Umbrella as the supercomputer Red Queen has taken over the Umbrella Corporation. While Alice wants to blast her way out of a window to escape, Ada reveals to her that they are located beneath an ice field. Wesker informs Alice that he has sent her help in the form of a team led by Leon Kennedy. They set out to reach the suburban recreation of Raccoon City after a brief conversation with the Red Queen, who promptly threatens them that they are going to die.

Alice and Ada are able to reach the simulation of Raccoon City – after a brief battle in the New York simulation against two Axemen. During their trip, Alice locates a young girl named Becky who believes Alice is her mother. Alice recognizes the girl from her remembrances of the clone’s experience and vows to protect her. While trying to escape the house, the group encounters Jill and a group of soldiers including Rain Ocampo, Carlos Olivera, and One. A shootout occurs, resulting in Ada’s capture and Alice and Becky’s escape. Entering the Moscow simulation, they encounter a second clone of Rain who Alice asks to look after Becky as she goes forward to meet the rescue team. Alice enters the Moscow environment and rescues the group from a collection of Plaga undead and an Licker. They return to Becky and Rain to escape.

With time to spare the team reaches the elevators; however, the Licker captures Becky while Jill and the clones return and open fire. Alice pursues the Licker to rescue Becky, finding her in a cocoon with the Licker. Alice disables the Licker and rescues Becky. After she recovers explosives, Alice and Becky travel through a tunnel and find the cloning chamber where they find hundreds of clones of themselves. Alice reassures the girl that she is her mother and they are again attacked by the Licker. Using the explosives from earlier, Alice destroys the Licker and escapes with the child. They reach the surface and reunite with the rescue team while Umbrella Prime floods beneath them when the explosives go off.

Shortly afterward the rescue team is intercepted by a surviving Jill and her enforcer, the clone of Rain. While Rain fights Leon and Luther, Jill and Alice fight. Despite being severely injured, Alice manages to break the Scarab free from Jill’s chest and frees her from the Red Queen’s influence. Alice joins Leon in fighting Rain – who has injected herself with a Plaga parasite – but both are overpowered by the enhanced clone. After being severely injured by a hit to her chest, Alice notices a collection of Plaga undead beneath the ice. With the help of the freed Jill, Alice stops Rain by breaking the ice beneath her feet. A rescue vehicle arrives to save them, but Alice collapses from her injuries.

When she awakens, Alice is taken to the Oval Office in the White House. Escorted into the room alone, Alice finds herself facing Wesker. He immediately injects her with a sample of the T-Virus and she collapses again. He informs her he has returned to her her gifts in exchange for her help in defeating the Red Queen, who is set on destroying all that remains of humanity. She vows to kill him for what he’s done to her and he taunts her by showing her the waves of undead that wait outside the White House barricades.

After Alice’s exposure to the t-Virus via experimentation conducted by the Umbrella Corporation, the virus somehow bonded with her in a way that is not seen in others who are infected. In turn, the virus gave her enhanced senses, agility, speed, strength, and accelerated healing. By the end of Apocalypse, she develops telekinetic abilities by added experimentation. A display of her physical abilities are demonstrated in a duel in Apocalypse where she was able to overcome the latest B.O.W., the Nemesis. She is also able to dispatch most human foes with ease; during her time with the psychopaths in Extinction, she killed one of them with a single kick to the face, which presumably snapped his neck. During her escape from the Umbrella Detroit facility, her telekinetic abilities were displayed when she caused a guard in a surveillance room to bleed from every orifice, killing him slowly.

In short, she gains all of the t-Virus’s “positive” effects and none of its negative effects like the deceasing of higher brain function, cannibalistic cravings, and eventual decomposing or rotting flesh. Alice was able to maintain her humanity and a strong sense of confidence in her skills as an advantage against even the most superior foes. Alice’s telekinetic abilities were used three times in Extinction; the first time to levitate her motorbike while dreaming, once to deflect the fire used to kill the crows, and once again to deflect a mutated Dr. Isaacs, stopping the tentacles and then throwing him through a wall, also destroying most of the corridor of the mansion in the process. However during her battle with Isaacs she was only able to win with the help of one of her clones. Alice tricked Isaacs into a laser security system which she knew could kill Isaacs. If not for her clone deactivating the system on time Alice would have shared the same fate as Isaacs. This still shows her cleverness and courage in battle a trait that has kept her alive in her battles.

In Resident Evil: Afterlife, Alice’s clones were shown to posses at least telekinesis out of her powers and could use it on the same level she could. They also displayed signs of Alice’s heightened speed and agility, as they fought Wesker’s men and guards. As Alice confronts Wesker on a chopper after he has blown up his facility, he injects her with a serum that destroys the T-cells in her body from the virus and thus renders her powerless. Alice actually thanks Wesker for this as it allows her to become a normal human again. Even without her powers, Alice retains the same level of confidence and fighting skills as she possessed with them before when she was a security operative of the Hive, and is even able to defeat an empowered Wesker even without her powers, using her own cunning and skill. At the end of Resident Evil: Retribution, Albert Wesker injects Alice with the T-Virus, instantly restoring her powers.

Alice has shown a supreme level of ability with all sorts of weapons. In each film she is shown using a number of weapons, but only a few function as her principal tools of death. The first film was the only one where she only used what weapons she could salvage, as she had had amnesia and wasn’t armed properly. In Apocalypse, she used an Mossberg 590 Cruiser shotgun and a pair of Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine guns as her main weapons. In Extinction, she carried two Uzi submachine guns and a pair of kukri knives, and used them to great effect. They were shown but never used in Afterlife, where Alice had many clones besides herself. The Alice clones in the beginning mainly used straight-bladed odachi blades and Brügger & Thomet MP-9s. The original Alice preferred to use a pair of 10-gauge double-barrelled shotguns and a pair of Smith & Wesson Model 460V revolvers.

Resident Evil: Retribution is a 2012 science fiction action film written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. It is the fifth installment in the Resident Evil film series, based on the Capcom survival horror video game series Resident Evil, and the third to be written and directed by Anderson after the first film and the previous installment.

Retribution is a direct follow-on from the previous film Resident Evil: Afterlife, and focuses on Alice captured by the Umbrella Corporation, forcing her to make her escape from an underwater base in the Arctic Circle, used for testing the T-virus. The film has many returning actors and characters, along with new characters from the video game not featured in the previous films.

The film was released in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D to a box-office success. Film critics criticized the film for its characters, plot, and acting while praising the 3D, visual effects, and fight choreography. A Blu-ray and DVD release is set for December 21, 2012, and a sixth installment is currently planned by Sony.

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