Religion vs.Wrestling.

Posted on Aug 29 2011 at 09:43:28 AM in Religion & Spirituality

O'siyo world, may peace and respect be on all FAITHS.

I have spent the last few days with over 9 other faiths listening to several christian groups explain why Christianity its self is so splintered while Islam is not. I'm still not convinced that most Christian's have a clue what they are talking about, i told them it doesn't help their cause much that the bible itself is worded differently in several copies, that Gospels are missing or not allowed in. With credit to Islam, the Qua ran, it never changes , ever.
Same really could be said on Judah's or Jews, the Torah never changes. I don't wish to have men 1500 years ago, time of the great Mayan, making a decision for me. They chose what went in, why don't i see all the gospels then i can choose what to believe, the rest is too much control. And some like the Gospels of Judas,Enoch,Ezekiel are very controversial. I know i have red them. you should too!

My turn came about , i was quiet for a minute , a few funny glances i put my hand together and asked them all as i looked around the table which "God" they we're referring too?
Strange looks again, well god they said, what do you mean? how can there be any one else, AH HA!!!
there i stopped them all, told them to us as first nations your "Gods" you refer too, Yahweh, Elohim, Jehovah, Allah-Arabic for "God" are just like Apollo, Poseidon, Greek Gods, Indian Gods... interesting note:....and only in Christianity does is refer to "God" as a he not an It.
We are defiantly a very confused world, or we have been had, i told them, you could hear a pin drop , So what do you mean then they said, i replied," We say there can many "Gods" but only one Creator."

We all spoke about and agreed on the mixing of wrestling/religion by Sting, Shawn Micheals, etc on you tube was a little ridiculous, go see it, your thoughts are your own. We agreed that the face of organized religion is changing forever , with more young people heading back out side to find their paths.

So after the some times unusual exchanges we met again in the middle as brothers and sisters , our hands open in friendship, our minds open to all ideas, our hearts with the Creator.

Will be a Clear Star Filled sky tonight here in Calgary , any one in Peru see the massive meteor that started forest fires come down?

Wandering Crow.


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