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Posted on Jul 9 2010 at 11:54:52 PM in Movies & Film

Hey there guys and galls

Have you got enough of low rated movies,..Or need some time to spend for relaxing???
..Soo..WELCOME on my fresh videoblog WWW.RELAXON.TV ..,please subscribe to the to the website  and be updated of new upcoming, only high rated movies., worth to watch.
Dont waste your time by watching "ground" movies.
Of course this is not just the thing you can only do on the website.There are also other categories you can choose from., like "interesting", "have a fun", "travel guide",
"my posts" , where you can find interesting videos, funny videos or some of my own posts and tips.
Also you can go through some of nice pictures in "my gallery" category, even you can ask me to upload some of your nice photos to the category "your photos" (with your signature).
Your comments are very appreciated, also some of your tips..,what should be better, what else you would appreciate on the website..,dont hesitate and let me know.
For those who have an interest of some advertising or links exchange.,let me know via email contact@relaxon.Tv. For this intention I made "advertising" category.
All is for free!!!
In the "advertising" category is a free ad "free coupon points" where you can just fill up free of charge surveys and earn points..You can swap them fo voucher and spend it..For instance in Amazon..200 points equals 20usd...There are a lot of people, buying for free on internet with this method...It costs nothing so why dont try?Anyway up to you, I wont force anybody.
I am pretty new in this stuff so hope, throughout the time it will be better and better..And a lot of delighted subscribers.
Also in near future I will be preparing a "contest" where each 30th subscriber will win some nice price.
Guys, I wish you the best of luck and hope you will like your stay :)



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