Relationship Advice For The Single Woman

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Relationship Advice For The Single Woman

Everyone has a crush! It's probably a fact of life.
And it's always nice seeing your own personal crush in person. It's fun watching him, talking with him, thinking about what life would be like if he actually liked you too.

Wouldn't it be great if you could tell if he's interested in you, too?

These days, people are sort of EXPECTED to be civil when dealing with new people.

At the office, we're expected to keep things business-related with our colleagues -- the personal stuff should wait until after quitting time.

Likewise, when it comes to the dating game, many of us think we're supposed to
be civil. We're polite, we hold doors, we pull out chairs, we say "please" and "thank you."

It's just too bad that this kind of approach doesn't tell you much about his feelings for you.

People think that if a guy tells you "I love you" too early, then he's desperate.

People think that if a guy tells you "You have a great body" too early, then he's just after the sex.

People think that if a guy tells you "Can I have your number?" too early, then he's just being nice.

These misconceptions make it SO hard for us to know how he REALLY feels about

Let's start with the more COMMON type of  "interest" -- physical.

Is He Interested In JUST Your Body?

I think it's easy enough to meet guys who like you for your looks, your body, or the way you move. After all, men ARE visual creatures.

In fact, many women make the mistake of trying to attract men SOLELY by their looks. They spend hours dressing up, putting on makeup, and practicing their body language to make themselves look attractive.

And yes, it DOES work! Simply looking good is enough to make a new guy muster up the nerve to say "Hi" to you first.

But of course, as you're probably already guessing, physical attraction by itself doesn't last very long. And it doesn't form a strong foundation for a serious relationship.

So how can you tell if he's interested in JUST your body?

It's fairly easy to tell. Just look for these signs:

#1 - He looks at your body more than your eyes, especially when you're talking.

#2 - He makes offhand comments about how good you look.

#3 - He tries to avoid intellectual conversations, and changes the
discussion to "sexier" topics.

When you see these signs, you can be sure he's looking to get into your

Or Is He EMOTIONALLY Attracted To You?

Emotional attraction, on the other hand, is a little different. When a guy is emotionally attracted to you, your looks take a back seat in his mind -- and he feels the urge to simply WANT to be with you. He simply WANTS to know you better!

Here are the signs you'll WANT to see when meeting a new guy:

#1 - He isn't shy about maintaining eye contact, and genuinely enjoys your company.

#2 - He enjoys intellectual conversations, and asks quite a number of questions about you.

#3 - He expresses his interest in meeting you again for another chat soon.

This is where things get a little exciting. All of a sudden you have someone who's actually minutely interested in a more serious relationship with you!

But not so fast. Just because a guy is emotionally attracted to you doesn't mean he's set to become your next boyfriend. Here's why.

He Might Be Emotionally Attracted, But Is He Emotionally Prepared?

Here's the thing -- when you meet a man, and he shows all the signs that he's emotionally attracted to you, then that's a good thing.

But for him to be ready to handle a serious relationship with you, then he has to be emotionally PREPARED, too.

And many of them aren't even AWARE they're unprepared! That's why so many of them start serious relationships anyway, thinking they can handle it.

But handling a serious relationship is a HEAVY responsibility that most men can't handle! Eventually they break under the responsibility -- and they break their poor girlfriends in the process.

Ready to take your relationship for a great ride?

<<<<<Make Him Interested AND prepared>>>>>>

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