Reinvent Your Home Through Green Cleaning

Posted on Sep 8 2011 at 04:19:00 AM in How-To

Why green? It is safer and cheaper, but what matters the most is that it is healthier. Are you ready to reinvent your home with green cleaning?

There are many things in life you can do effortlessly, when you know how to. Cleaning is essential for healthy and comfortable home, where you and your family can reside peacefully, leaving all worries behind. No germs, no bacteria, all surfaces will shine as if they have glitter on. All carpets and rugs will radiate with picturesque colours as if have been cleaned by a carpet cleaning company. The good news is that it won't cost you much money and time to do this, by yourself.

It is easy to turn the page and start green-living. The basics of natural cleaning are simple. Here are the most popular and effective recipes.

No more bleach – use lemon instead

You may be tempted to use bleach when you deal with horrifying stains, but this is your last resort. Remember that nature has something to offer. Lemon is a powerful cleaning tool, it is acidic, but won't leave any toxic residues. You don't have to wear rubber gloves and protective mask. When you want to get a stain out of a white fabric, no matter if it is on your carpet or on a shirt, rub the area with lemon. Lemon juice with some salt can be used to fight fungus and mould. Just spray and go. Leave it to react.

Baking soda instead of deodorizers

You can see the difference. Just pour baking soda on the carpet. It leaves no stains, it simply absorbs the odour. Baking soda can also keeps smells away form your fridge. Soda on a plate will purify the air in the fridge.

Vinegar as a cleanser

Vinegar can be quite handy not only in carpet cleaning, but in other domestic tasks. It can be used instead of lemon, as it can be mixed in greater quantities. You can make a floor cleaning solution, by adding one cup vinegar to each litter of warm water. Add few drops of jasmine or jojoba oil to the water. Use a mop to clean it.

Green living and green cleaning are the right way to reinvent your home. Try now.


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