Regular People Can Be Internet Marketers

Posted on Jun 26 2011 at 01:28:33 PM in Entrepreneurship

Regular People Can Be Internet Marketers


Hi, I’m a beginning internet marketer. I used to have a regular job like, I suppose, most people have. It required that I drive long distances every day. I live in the mountains of North Carolina, almost to the Tennessee border.
I would drive 35 miles in to work and the same back. Gas was not as high priced as it is now, but it still took a good chunk of my pay. It took me about 45 minutes to get to work in the morning or whenever I was scheduled. In reality, my workday started an hour or so before I left with my morning routine, breakfast, shower, dress, etc.



In the place that I worked, the ones that worked very hard, were made to work even harder to make up for the ones that didn’t. The ones that didn’t do their jobs or didn’t do them very well, had few repercussions and got their bonuses and raises just as if they were performing well. The people that were actually doing the work got criticism, little praise, and were always afraid they would get fired for something they weren’t doing well enough. My self confidence was mostly gone. All the while, the management staff walked around with clipboards and did very little. Do these sound like your working conditions?


This situation would make anyone unhappy.  My "significant other" said it turned me into a "nutburger".  I was. It was awful. I was spending almost 14 hours out of every day either at work or on the way to or from work. By the end of the day, I was exhausted. I can’t remember a movie or television show that I watched all the way through after work. I would just fall asleep in my chair. My two days off per week was spent mostly recuperating from the work week before I had to go back and do it all over again. I was physically and emotionally spent.

About a year ago, I had had enough and I quit. I had an idea to raise chickens on my little farm and sell eggs. This is a lot of work. I was not making a bunch of money with the eggs, so I started looking around on the internet for opportunities. I did a little of the surveys for money and blogged a little with clickbank links and then one day while I was cruising the internet, I found a video that has had a life changing effect on me. It described something I was not familiar with - mentoring and internet marketing.

I had never considered internet marketing because I don’t have anything to sell. I did a bit more research and found that many people were making money in affiliate marketing. I learned that there are individuals and companies listed on the internet that will pay you a commission to promote and sell their products on your website. This sounded too good to be true. How do I do this?

I needed to find out how to be an affiliate marketer. A little more research turned up an answer for me. I needed a mentor. Back to the internet I went. I found some very loud and obnoxious ads for services related to affiliate marketing and mentoring, from books to cd packages to downloadable software – all of them were supposed to make money for me ‘the easy way’ or ‘overnight’.

Only one of the links I found appealed to me as honest and sincere. It was an unpretentious video that said internet marketing could be confusing and frustrating and took time and effort, like everything else worthwhile. The young man in the video also said that, although he was successful now, he had made mistakes in the beginning of his career, been frustrated to the point of throwing his computer out the window, and was willing to teach me how to become successful, avoid those mistakes and to do every step necessary to become a successful internet marketer, including setting up a website. What’s more, inside his community, he would teach me how to market that website and give me a community of some of the best internet marketers for continued support. This sounded more like what I was looking for, so I signed up and now, I’m an internet marketer. I have a website, published blogs and an article in Ezines.

If you are looking to ditch your full or part-time job, I wouldn’t recommend you do that until your internet marketing business is producing good income. Internet marketing can provide that, but it does take time to develop your business. This can be done in your spare time outside your regular employment. That’s the beauty of internet marketing – you set your own hours. You control everything in your business. There’s no boss breathing down your neck or criticizing you and you don’t have to leave home to do it. There’s really no time like the present to start.  If you're wondering, I’ve spent very little money on my business and what I have spent, I expect to make back many times in the future.


I’m still working on the money part but, nothing comes overnight. I am working very hard at marketing and am expecting good things in my future. I think I’ve made some pretty good progress in less than a month. I’m learning good things from my mentors and I expect to continue learning and developing more marketing strategies. What’s more, through my achievements so far, I’ve gained some of my self confidence back and expect to make a success of my business. Watch me!


Lorraine Ballard is an internet marketer, originally from the southeast coast of Florida.  She now lives on her small farm in the mountains of North Carolina with a flock of chickens and a small herd of goats.  She is presently working with The Six Figure Mentors.

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