Regular Cleaning is The Key to the Decent Look of Your Accommodation

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    What to do in our spare time? This is a question that becomes more and more important and significant these days. We work more than ever before so as a consequence of that our free time is less. So choosing what to do when we have a day off is a thing that deserves to be well considered.

    So, what are the opportunities?
Active relaxation – like sports, walking or a picnic in the countryside.
Staying at .

If you ask me, choosing between these two is not hard at all. If your work is physically exhausting then you should relax in such a way that your body to have enough time to regenerate. On the other hand, if your work involves mental efforts then the best way for you to relax is by doing something that occupies your thoughts entirely. However, there is a way to relax and in the same way to be in help for yourself and the people who live with you – post tenancy cleaning. It is not necessary to do it only when you are leaving your accommodation. Because it combines different cleaning procedures, it would be good if you perform it at least once a year. Here is how you can do that:

Start with the rooms that you do not use while the cleaning is in progress - such as dining room, living room and bedroom. Other important thing is to move from the ceilings down to the floor. This way all the dirt from the ceilings, curtains, shelves etc. will fall on the floor before you have started cleaning it.

However, not all of the furniture is easy to clean.
Let’s take the carpets, for example. They are one of the things that we use on a daily basis and this makes them taking all the traffic and therefore all the possible damage. Therefore, in order to get their colors back to live, you will have to perform several actions in strict order.

Start with vacuum cleaning. This will get you rid of all the dirt and soil.
Then pre-wash with a special pre-washing cleaning detergent.
Your second to last cleaning step should be the treating with a special cleaning detergent. However, if you have the possibility to use a green cleaning solution this will be better because you will guarantee yourself and your family a healthy living environment.
Drying- especially tricky sometimes, because if it was not done properly, the rug may catch mould.

Of course, if you have the money and to hire a professional post tenancy cleaning company this will save you a significant amount of money and efforts.  

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