Red Wine Stain Removal

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Red Wine Stain Removal

Red wine stains are really tough to remove. The best way to get rid of a wine stain, is to attack it as soon as possible. There is no need to run around searching for a cleaning detergent as you probably have one somewhere in your kitchen, or in your fridge. I am sure that baking soda and salt are present in every home, so the main thing you need to do is to react quickly.

Pro cleaners from carpet cleaning Melbourne are trying to avoid the usage of toxic detergents and harsh cleaning agents, cause there is simply no point to pollute your home area with chemicals, when you can easily erase the stains with more eco-friendly items. As mentioned earlier, baking soda and salt are some of the cleaners you are about to need, but in some cases, pouring club soda or fighting the red wine stain with white wine can do wonders.

First thing you would want to do is to blot the red wine stain with a clean cloth. Afterwards, pour a little amount of the white wine onto the cloth, and continue to blot the stained area. If the red wine stain remains after this, try the next cleaner – club soda. The procedure is the same – pouring the club soda onto a cloth and gently rubbing the stain. Another stain removal technique, is to sprinkle baking soda, or perhaps salt, onto the stained area. Let the salt stay for a while, and then start rubbing with a sponge or a cloth. You may use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the remaining salt, but a broom will do just fine.

Let me remind you once again – the main thing is to act really quickly, because the more time wine sits, the deeper it gets into the fabric and if it dries completely, well, then you have a problem. End of lease cleaning Melbourne highly recommend the usage of non-toxic cleaning solutions. As professional cleaners, they've removed many red wine stains with the help of baking soda and salt.

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