Recipe For Booking a Move Out Cleaner in London

Posted on Sep 17 2011 at 07:04:42 AM in How-To

We quite often wonder what is the right approach that we should take up when we need to organize a move out cleaning. Well here are a few useful advice that will help you to easily arrange professional help.

First of all do a good research online. Don’t just call the first cleaning company in London that you google and immediately book with them. Make sure you have half an hour free to just browse a few websites and compare prices. Then call them and also compare the quotes and the service quality they offer before arranging them.

Another really important advice is to always look for a big company, avoid  dealing with local single cleaners that  just work illegally for themselves as much as you can. They are usually part time students and although they can offer you a better price they are often inexperienced  and are not vetted or insured, so in case they are too clumsy or damage your property they won’t be able to provide you with a refund for the damage. what’s more they cannot issue invoices of any kind and when speaking about move out cleaning agencies will always need a receipt as a proof that professional cleaning has been done before the inspection.

Next –  listen carefully to the service descriptions that the  customer service assistant from the cleaning company gives you. Quite often there are several options at different prices. Always look for the guaranteed service  and for a team of cleaners - no matter if they give you a set price or an hourly based offer. Guarantee is the key word when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning as in that case you will be secured that if your landlord is not completely happy with the level of cleaning and your property needs a few more touch-ups the cleaners will come back free of charge and fix it  so you will get your bond back 100%. Of course, don’t expect your cleaners to be magicians, if your house is old and needs renovation rather than cleaning they will not be able to help you.

So  it is a good idea simply to google some moving out cleaners services  and some move in cleaners services London companies first, as there might be good offers in both types of cleaning companies and it is all cleaning we speak about, after all, so move in or move out there should be able to provide one at reasonable prices.

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