Rebound Relationship - Can You Still Win Him Back?

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Rebound Relationship - Can You Still Win Him Back?

It’s the worst-case scenario that every woman fears; you have just found out that your ex has rebounded right into your best friend's arms.  This realization brings a whole new depth to the pain you may have already been feeling due to the breakup.  How do you get past seeing them together?

First and foremost, you need to relax and stay calm.  The more upset you allow yourself to become, the less chance you will clearly think through the situation.

There is an upside to rebound relationships: they rarely last especially if they happen a short time after the end of the previous relationship.  In the majority of these rebound relationship cases, the injured party is usually hurt, lonely and desperately searching for anyone to spend their time with.

Of course, you should not let your “supposed to be” best friend off the hook. It is one of the unwritten rules of womanhood that you do not ever get involved with a friend's ex.  Not only do you need to evaluate the relationship with your ex but you may want to reevaluate your relationship with this person as well.

Before you put in any effort into winning back your ex, you need to decide whether that is really a good idea.  It may be that his new relationship with your friend was simply a way to hurt you even more.  If this is the case, you are probably better off without him; no matter how strong your feelings for him are.

If you decide, after some deep thought, that this man is whom you really want to be with, prepare yourself for a long and hard battle. The hurt and pain that you feel isn’t going to be resolved in a short amount of time. After all, there are just too many feelings that have been hurt. You will need to wait by the sidelines until the rebound relationship fails by its own accord.  Any attempt on your part to break them up is likely to fail and make you feel foolish in the process.

It’s necessary to prepare you to run into them together in any social situation. Since the relationship involves a friend and your ex, it is very likely that they will be traveling in the same circles as you.  Stay strong when you see them together. Crying or starting arguments every time you see them will only hurt your chances of ever winning him back.

When the rebound relationship has ended, you will need to proceed very carefully.  You are not going to win any points with your ex if you let him know that you are overjoyed that the relationship has ended.  Offer him a shoulder to cry and tell him that you are sorry that the relationship has ended. Be careful not to badmouth his ex as this will make you sound petty and small.

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