Reborn – Chibi Superbi Squalo Free Papercraft

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Reborn – Chibi Superbi Squalo Free Papercraft

This papercraft is a chibi Superbi Squalo, an assassin and the second-in-command of Varia, the Vongola Famiglia’s independently-run assassination squad, based on the anime and manga series Reborn, the paper toy was created by tsunyandere.

Superbi Squalo’s most notable feature is his long silver hair, which he keeps long to show his dedication to his boss, Xanxus, and refuses to cut it until Xanxus replaces Tsunayoshi Sawada as the 10th Vongola boss. Often seen wearing his Varia uniform, he is characterized by his loud personality, and has a tendency to shout “Voi!” to vent his frustration. Squalo, as revealed in the Rain Ring Battle against Takeshi Yamamoto, cut off his left hand and replaced it with a mechanized sword, which was done so he could better relate to the Sword Emperor, Tyr, who also happened to be the previous Boss of the Varia and fought without his left hand. Squalo seems to be quite perceptive, seeing right through Genkishi’s Mist Illusions when Genkishi tried to fake a loss and even seeing through Chrome Dokuro’s skilled illusion of Yamamoto, which Mammon mentions that only real experts could see through.

In the Official Reborn Secret Bullet Novel, it was also revealed that Squalo’s left stump aches whenever Xanxus is in mortal danger. This occurs because of the connection between the promise he made and his resolve to follow Xanxus.

Squalo first arrives in Namimori after battling Basil all the way to where Tsuna and his Family are dining downtown. He, at that time, does not recognize Tsuna as the 10th Vongola Boss. Yamamoto and Gokudera then step in to aid Tsuna in fighting him, but they are easily defeated by Squalo. Squalo takes Yamamoto on first and deduces that he doesn’t know a style because his swings are light. He defeats him by shooting several small amounts of Gunpowder from his Sword into the ground, blowing him up. Next, after Gokudera attempts to bombard Squalo, he quickly slashes the fuses off Gokudera’s Dynamite, extinguishing them and leaving Gokudera in surprised shock. He then delivers a harshly punishing kick to Gokudera, rendering him unconscious and unable to battle.
Dying Will Tsuna steps up to square off with Squalo, but he easily catches his opponent’s punches while simultaneously realizing who Tsuna truly is. Squalo dexterously holds and beats Tsuna before he can land the finishing blow. Soon thereafter, Dino, the current Boss of the Chiavarone Famiglia, steps in to confront Squalo, questioning him on his behavior in fighting against children. Squalo disregards Dino and steals the Fake Half Vongola Rings fleetingly, reluctant to cause even more trouble by fighting an allied Family.

Squalo delivers the Rings to Xanxus, the Boss of the Varia, as was his task, but Xanxus recognizes them as Fakes sooner than Reborn and the others expected. He appears in most of the Ring Battles as a spectator, as well as a commenter on the Varia’s side. Later, Squalo fights Yamamoto in the Rain Ring Battle. Squalo is certain he’s going to win when he discovers that Yamamoto fights with a style he has already learned and beaten. But he ends up losing the battle because he does not know the secret of the Shigure Souen style: it branches off at who their past mentor was to make sure that the style remains strong and undefeatable.

In the process, the Techniques may change. Squalo is defeated by Yamamoto’s Technique that he added to the Sword Style; Mirroring Rain. Squalo, now unconscious, falls into the water within the Rain stage, where a shark has been released. The watching Vongola and Varia fear the worst and assume that Squalo is dead. Later, in the Sky Battle, Squalo reappears, albeit wheelchair-bound and badly injured with Dino and the Cavallone, much to Tsuna’s and his guardians’ surprise. Dino reveals that the Cavallone had set up men within the Rain stage to rescue the loser who would fall into the water at the battle’s end; Dino states that he had expected Yamamoto to lose the battle and had put preparations in place to save him, but wound up saving Squalo instead. Squalo, in his hospital room, refused to reveal any information about Xanxus and his plans to Dino but, at the Sky Battle, was accepted as a spectator along with Dino and several Chiavarone members.

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