Reborn – Chibi Shoichi Irie Free Papercraft

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Reborn – Chibi Shoichi Irie Free Papercraft

This papercraft is a chibi Shoichi Irie, based on the anime and manga series Reborn, the paper toy was created by tsunyandere. Shoichi Irie, in the present, is shown as a 15 year old boy who happens to meet Tsuna and his Family. Because Lambo was bazooka-ed into Shoichi’s family’s apartment, the Bovino Famiglia sends him a package of Lambo’s stuff and a big amount of money, excusing Lambo for any annoyance that he caused. Not much is shown of him in the present, but in the Future, Shoichi was shown to be in close contact with Byakuran, being watched everywhere he went.

He also was at first shown to be a fearful leader as the holder of the Sun Mare Ring. He was the reason why Tsuna, Lal, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Future Ryohei went to the Melone Base so that they could take him out. After the Base was destroyed, along with the cameras, Shoichi told Tsuna and the gang, which now included Chrome , Kusakabe, Lambo, I-Pin, and Hibari, that he was on their side, and that this was a setup by Future Tsuna along with Future Hibari. Later, he was found out to only be the Fake Sun Funeral Wreath, not the real one.

You can download the paper craft toy here: Reborn – Chibi Shoichi Irie Free Papercraft Download

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