Reasons Why The Amish Mission Style Furniture Is So Popular

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Amish Mission style furniture is done in the same traditions of construction and design that were used when they were first created, in the late 19th century. The simple horizontal and vertical lines, flat panels with simple designs, all tie together to accentuate every grain in the wood that was used to make each piece, by hand.


The History Behind Amish Mission Style Furniture


By the time the first pieces of Mission style furniture came about, it was in part a mission by furniture crafters to break away from the most prevalent style of the times, the Victorian style of furniture. People tired of its elaborate and ornate design, and were wanting something that would be unique and individual.


One of the top designers in that day was Gustav Stickley, who was also thought to be the founding influence in the Arts and Crafts furniture renaissance, out of which came the style of Amish furniture we still enjoy today. It was thought to be destiny when the Mission style furniture began being produced by Stickley and the Amish, as their handcrafting styles blended so seamlessly. To this day, the sturdy furniture style is still popular, and is all the better for their continued devotion to durability rather than ornate features.


Simple And Practical


One of the reasons that Mission style furniture remains so popular even today is its focus on making handcrafted furniture that is so simple and practical, yet created with such amazing detail. There are a lot of popular designs in this style that will fit into any décor, like dining and office furniture that just screams quality just by looking at it.


Quality Materials And Construction


Unlike the mass produced furniture of today, you will find only quality hardwoods used to create Mission style furniture. The craftsmanship shown in the joining of each piece with just the wood itself is nothing short of miraculous. All of this furniture is made to last a lifetime, and it shows.


A Dedication To Their Craft


Lastly, another reason that this style of furniture is so popular is because of their dedication to their faith, and through that, to their chosen craft. For their work to have survived from creation to now, when it was not created with anything resembling a modern convenience, is nothing short of remarkable, and should be treated with the respect that the Mission style furniture deserves.


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