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Precisely speaking, there are two main types of real leather jackets for women and men. There are a number of styles, designs, colors and patterns available under these two main types which are categorized as:

  • Those that are worn for fashion and stylish look
  • Those that are worn for safety and protection
  • Those that are worn for fashionable and stylish look are lighter. They are lighter so that they feel more comfortable when worn for daily activities. Available in great many styles, they are geared towards certain social groups on society. Take a look at the different types of jackets available in the market and find out for whom are they designed.

    The Rock and Roll Types - These jackets are normally worn by those who are into the rock star image. These have been popular among this group ever since the first electric guitar was played. It has almost become synonymous with the world of rock and roll.

    Puck Rock Types - Another group of people, who like to use these leather jackets, are the punk rock types. Their style includes slightly shorter and colorful jackets with embellishments adorned on the front part.

    Goths - This group loves wearing them too. They generally wear longer ones with more flowing style. Their preferred colors include black or other darker shades.

    Metalheads - they tend to wear over-sized style in dark colors, such as black or chocolate. 

    Types of Jackets

    Quilted - If you are looking for something to help you stay warm during the freezing winters, then there is absolutely nothing better than this type. They are especially designed to keep the wearer warm and cozy in rough winters. These are also referred to as the winter coats.

    Leather Blazer - If you are a professional person, you must have one nice blazer. This piece of apparel is both traditional and classic in look.

    Pea Coats - These timeless coats are highly fashionable and suitable to wear during cold weather.

    Wearing For Protection?

    Those that are worn for protection are slightly heavier and are consequently more durable in order to protect the wearer from injury in case of an accident. These are mostly designed for motorcyclists and are available in different styles to suit men, as well as women. Following is a list of type of people who should consider wearing these jackets:

    Bikers - Ideal for bikers, these jackets provide superb protection and safety. Bikers love riding motorbikes, since it is full of excitement and adventure. But, at the same time it is also a very dangerous activity. A good protective coat would ensure your safety and reduce the risks of serious injuries.

    Police/cops - Some policemen wear these as they think it gives them a strong look while others simply wear it for the sake of protection.

    Military aviators - They mostly wear bomber jackets for protection

    Real leather jackets can really help you look stylish and elegant. If you are looking for some of the most affordable and top quality leather wear, then feel free to browse our site and see through the items available.

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