Real Coconut Water Juice and Its Benefits

Posted on Dec 13 2012 at 04:50:49 PM in Diet & Nutrition

If your question is, what is coconut water juice? Coconut water juice is without a doubt the latest craze in energy drinks. This is so because of the numerous benefits that coconut water accords individuals who partake of it. Coconut water juice is the clear fresh fluid that is found inside a coconut fruit. The nutritious water is widely taken in various countries due to the immense health benefits that it has. It is referred by different names in various countries and can be found as a fresh fruit or canned juice. The water is high in nutrients and electrolytes and is a favorite of many individuals due to the fact that they are cholesterol free, and low in calories. Individuals should thus drink coconut water because it is much healthier than other soft drinks. Now you are more aware of what is coconut water juice!

The Popularity Of Coconut Water Juice

The popularity of coconut water juice has grown over the years among individuals who value good health. This upsurge and increased interest in coconut water has been partly informed by the health benefits as well as the amazing feeling one experiences when taking the highly nutritious drink. However, there has been debate among consumers of this nutritious water on which is the best coconut water. To answer this question exhaustively, it is imperative to note that there are very many brands of coconut water juice that exist in the market. However, the most popular brands in the United States are:

  • Coconut Water Vita Coco
  • Coconut Water Zico
  • Coconut Water ONE

Vita Coco has become popular among users because of the fact that it comes in various tastes and flavors that serve to meet and satisfy client needs. The various flavors of Vita Coco include mango, tangerine, passion fruit, and pomegranate among others. Zico is also popular and comes in various flavors such as pomberry, passion fruit, mango, Lima citron among others. O.N.E on the other hand has added the production of juices along with the coconut water. The question on which is the best coconut water brand is highly dependent on the tastes and preferences of the consumer. As such, there is no particular brand that can be dubbed as the best without arousing debate among consumers.

What Is the Best Coconut Water Juice?

A number of companies producing coconut brands such as O.N.E have augmented the water with the production of coconut juice. This has been purely done in response to consumer tastes and preference. It is imperative to note that we all have different tastes and preferences. As such we cannot all be rooting for the same brand in terms of how much it satisfies our needs. However, the best coconut water can be ascertained by simply looking at how many consumers prefer a particular brand over the other. This goes a long way in ensuring that consumers’ needs are adequately met and that ultimate satisfaction is met.

Summary Guide in Finding the Best Coconut Water Juice

The various brands of coconut water juice have been instrumental in improving our health as well as boosting our immune systems. The benefits that come with taking coconut water are simply phenomenal. However, the various brands simply differ slightly in tastes and therefore consumers should make a point of trying them all.


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