Rain Ninja

Posted on Mar 8 2012 at 10:50:42 PM in Personal


I never said the Bitch Pad would be all rosie and sunny.

I swear when rain hits my exposed face I am being stabbed my 100 miniature ninjas who are convinced acupuncture is good for my cheeks.  Not to mention, when it’s a torrential rain those bloody rain drops find a way to drip over my visor, under my sun glasses (you don’t think I would dare take them off do you….ninjas are not messin’ with my eyes!), and through my eyelashes.

It’s a frightening picture when we stop only to discover my mascara has created wonderful gothic art under my eyes and down my cheeks.

I am thankful for the Saint who invented rain gear and rain boots….but why the horrid colors?  Is it his sick sense of humour picturing these yellow looking bumble bees sitting on motorcycles or he loves the color of green just because?

Right….it was a guy…who cares about color so long as it functions and keeps us dry.  I get that…but from The Bitch Pad if you are going to make me ride through rain and mud then I better look damn good.

Speaking of looking good….every followed a cattle truck in a torrential down pour for 3 hours?  Oh…stay tuned for that story in my Bitch Pad.

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