Quietest I Have Ever Been

Posted on Apr 15 2012 at 02:42:46 PM in Personal

For those who don’t know me, it’s important to know the following fact to understand this story.  I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.  Meaning, I am a proud english speaking French Canadian.  Meaning, we are very passionate when we speak and tend to use our hands at all times during conversation.

Now to the present and the story.  My, then boyfriend, husband introduced me to the back of the motocycle.  I will never forget the first time he showed up at my condo with his brand new cruiser.  I didn’t hesitate for a second to jump on the back.  I loved the feeling of freedom from the get go.

Now this was a true bitch pad, no sissy bar, and only little foot pegs.  I held on for dear life!

At the end of the ride, Bart turns to me and says – so what did you think?  I told him it was amazing when can we go again?!  He asked me again – you are sure you liked it?  I quizzically looked at him and said yes! Why?

Well, he says, you were so quiet!  I lifted my shoulders and hands in wonderment. He then started to laugh….I am still not getting it…he then gives me a hug and says – you are the quietest you’ve ever been because you couldn’t use your hands!

So…now, it’s the standing joke – if you want Ingrid quiet take her for a motorcycle ride.  Too bad he just bought a Goldwing…I am so snug in there my hands are as free as the wind that is brushing my face.And….I have so many things to say!

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