Punishment on the Airport - F.A.C. helps in last second

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For over 10 years, lives and works Werner Konrad* in the Philippines. He is married to a Filipino woman and two children. As CEO of a major financial services company in Manila he bears the responsibility for 20 employees. 6 months ago Mr. Konrad took notice to the FAC and its arrangement for foreigners in the Philippines.  Spontaneously visited Mr. Konrad the office of the FAC personally and its successes to learn about the work. At that time, Mr. Konrad said: “For me, FAC Membership is not urgently needed, I have lived here for years and know all the laws, and all necessary good lawyers - such things could never happen to me."

Emergency Call  

An old wisdom means, never say never -This is what happened in March 2010, when the Emergency call of Mr. Konrad from the Airport Manila, the FAC Hotline reached.

A dispute with a officer of the Immigration Authority at the Airport had the consequence, that Mr. Konrad in company of its lawyer the entry was refused. The Conversation of the involved persons developed to certain volume, that other traveler noticed.

The Authority saw the public policy endangered, and therefore ordered the return flight of Mr. Konrad. At this moment, Mr. Konrad realized that there is no possibility, to obtain the entry in the Philippines.

Mr. Konrad remembered, that only the FAC maybe can help in this proceeding situation, and call the FAC Hotline , with the request for immediate recall. Within 15 minutes, the Chairman, Alfred Lehnert solve the problem. First - The entry of Mr. Konrad is granted and secondly, Mr. Konrad apologized to the Immigration Officer.

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