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A domain name is the most important letter to let you know in the network, which is the way in which a surfer can locate you on the Internet and get information about what you have to offer, so that we could say without a domain name virtually you do not exist on the Internet.

Through a domain name .com can make yourself known worldwide, with a minimal investment compared with the benefits you get. A domain name .com, as well as give presence, and protect your company name and / or brand on the Internet. Also, it can help to project a give a more professional image to your users, as through a web page can be transmitted more credibility and confidence.

Registering a domain name, although at first glance seems very simple, in some cases it is worth further analysis to find the best domain name according to your needs, as well as the benefits described above, an appropriate domain name may be key to potentiate your business or to give more thrust to position your brand and / or product. Therefore, the choice of the domain name, it is of utmost importance.

If you have a business or intend to take one in the future, probably right now your question should be, what should I consider when registering a .com domain name to choose the best?

Although there are number one recommendations, however, the best is to choose the domain name as per your brand of your product or your company name. It is not always possible to fulfill due to various factors including availability of the domain name, so it is sometimes necessary generate alternatives through brainstorming to find it. But, the list obtained can get very long, so various options would be to consider some of the basic considerations that we have presenting below:

Length: The domain name must be short and contain less characters, as this will facilitate recall of the same (2 to 6 characters), also becomes faster typing and reduces the probability of error in writing respect to long names.

Easy to remember: This will allow users to present your domain name at any time and therefore re-visit your website. Be careful with the character combinations you use, because sometimes, even though the domain is short, the letters used in the domain name affect the recall, especially, when the letters are not common in the vocabulary of potential users.

Positive connotation: It is important to verify that the domain name has no negative connotations with which users will be exposed as this can avoid creating a bad perception on the image or a barrier to your organization or business.

Hard to confuse: Make sure the domain name will not be easy to confuse with other existing domain names or marks already registered, as this may subtract traffic to your website.

Easy to pronounce: Domain name repeat several times out loud can help you verify this.

Easy to write: To test typing on the keyboard several times the domain name can help detect the likely-hood of mistake in writing it. In fact, there are Internet tools available to check how responsive to spelling errors in the domain name. Remember that users will resort to his memory to type. [Tip: It is advisable to register domain names related to common mistakes and redirect to the original domain.]

Easy to read: This will facilitate both the understanding of it as a remembrance.

Easy to spell: A basic test is to spell by phone to verify that it complies with this point. Preferably, avoid using characters that can be confused phonetically.

No numbers, and hyphens: Including numbers and hyphens in the domain name also affects the remembrance of it. Moreover, in the case of numbers, sometimes you need to specify if the number is by letter or number, while the scripts need to specify what kind of script is without doubt search engines forget such names domain.

As the website name: The domain name must match the name of your business name, otherwise the user may feel disoriented thinking that came to the wrong place and then might leave the site.

No Abbreviations: Abbreviations are difficult to remember, and also detract from domain names.

Read the variants: In some cases it is recommended to record the possible variants of the domain name, for example, plural and singular, male and female, in addition to cases in which the domain name is subject to visual and aural confusion.

There are some additional tips for choosing the right domain name, however, the latter are more likely to depend on the nature and / or future use of the domain name. For example:

Length: At this point, there are several suggestions: a) record the one that best identifies with your users, for example in the case of organizations or enterprises established and operating at the national level, the best bet is to register a .com b) registering the domain name of the geographical region to which you belong, c) in the case of search engines, have a domain, increases the likelihood that your domain name appears in top positions in search that specific geographic area.

Description: Containing words with meaning so that the domain name allows your users to have an idea of what you'll find on your site and the activity you do. Some recommend include keywords in the domain name because it can help improve your search engine positioning, but there are exceptions which have an excellent position, so this is not essential, since it depends in large measurement of the spin of your business. However, if you decide to use keywords in the domain name, the recommendation is to use only one word or maximum two.

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