Propaganda – War of the Future

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Propaganda – War of the Future

In the last 20 years, our day-to-day living has drastically changed. Social processes have an increasingly shorter shelf life. The widespread ‘burnout’ disorder is held responsible for it. People can’t anymore cope with the pressure resulting from other people’s expectations. After all, this newly created syndrome has to be conceivably sold to the masses. Already the Romans (and not, as usually claimed, during the seizing of power by Hitler) were able to find the right choice of words in the face of the citizen’s powerlessness towards their rulers. “I can’t even eat as much as I want to vomit.” This might actually be taken literally. What the people’s representatives perform at the moment on the world stage is nothing but a travesty.

That various rating agencies want to downgrade leading US banks as well shows the dimension of the dilemma we find ourselves in. Regardless of one’s point of view, since the Lehman crash nobody showed real interest to eliminate the causes. Instead, one bumbles about and plays around with wonder weapons (leverage financing) to willy-nilly produce out of nothing billions of Euros. How sick are our politicians, that is, how sick is today’s system? Any normally thinking person who studied business for even one semester will have to put all what he has learned into question. Or can a manager of a company in the case of insufficient revenues simply start running the printing press in order to turn out the missing bills to pay for outstanding accounts? NO! – but exactly this is done by our politicians for years, first of all by the FED in the USA. This cannot, and must not go on. Politics tellingly exhibits disoriented and incompetent attempts to save the sinking ship. Once again, a new sheet anchor, the Euro bond, shall solve all problems. That is a botched job. The media suggest to the public that there are no alternatives. That is the beginning of the end. Since the introduction of the monetary union, all self-imposed guidelines were continuously violated. The big bang, therefore, is – if we like it or not – preprogrammed. The media play an increasing role in the perception and the search for the consensus of people, since future wars – whether for resources or simply for power – can’t anymore be instigated with the help or support of the UN, and are not anymore realizable without moving pictures.

The Example of Libya

Let us look at the Arab region. For more than 40 years, Libya was ruled by a dictatorial family. Before the war, Libya was a rich country with little poverty, a good infrastructure and a very good social system for its citizens. During the months-long war, more than 1000 people were killed; the infrastructure and entire cities were raised to the ground. Perhaps the real number of people killed is much higher. Today we know that the self proclaimed rebels or the interim government committed more atrocities and human rights violations than the world public is willing to believe. Lopsided reporting of the Western world has significantly contributed to this reality. Only what suited the book of the political and military leadership was publicized. Let us remember; the UN Security Council ratified its resolution in 1973. This resolution demanded immediate ceasefire and the protection of civilians. Additionally, it was stipulated that the enforcement of a no-fly zone should be supported by an arms embargo. Furthermore, economic sanctions and travel restrictions should be used towards the Gaddafi family. The military target focused exclusively on air strikes. The employment of ground forces was excluded. But one thing has been kept a secret up to now. The Gaddafi troops were about to capture the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. NATO knew that the invasion of official ground troops will not allow for keeping the UN mandate. But one likewise knew that if Benghazi falls, the entire mission would be jeopardized. As a result, a special operation was carried out under the leadership of the French president Nicolas Sarkozy. This special unit (that is ground troops) led the commando in the demolition of the siege of the Gaddafi troops surrounding the city of Benghazi. Media attributed this success to the rebel army and nobody doubted the truthfulness of this information. It likewise has become fashionable to eliminate deposed rulers (Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Awan Bin Laden, or Muhammad Abu Minyar Gaddafi) in order to avoid that the media is able to continue washing dirty linen.

The Example of Iran

In the meantime, even gravel-blind people can see through the game of cat and mouse between the USA and Iran. The latest sanctions of the USA against the Iranian crude oil and petrochemical industry are met by many democratic countries with unease since these sanctions impede a constructive and peaceful settlement of the conflict. Many say quietly that these one-sided measures even violate international law. Besides, it is no secret that for many years US spies are apprehended in Iran. For considerable time, members of the CIA recruit in the underground so-called “informants” to be able to conduct targeted covert operations in Iran. The Iranian nuclear program simply serves to propagate an airtight alibi. Until today, neither the International Atomic Energy Agency nor the UN have solid and verifiable evidence for the existence of an Iranian nuclear program for the development of nuclear weapons.

The Example of Iraq

The story of Iraq is the spitting image of Afghanistan or Iran. There exists a good plan to depose of the dictator, but one has missed to have a similar plan for what comes after. Primarily, it is a matter of redistributing resources, power and money. Since the withdrawal of US troops, stability in Iraq has drastically worsened. The majority of people are worse off than before the war. The invasion of the then George W. Bush administration was based on a CIA expose according to which Saddam Hussein is in the possession of weapons of mass destruction. Until this day, no such weapon systems were ever discovered in Iraq. These facts speak for themselves.


It is very difficult to objectively evaluate news today. The age of the media has advantages and disadvantages alike. We are all called not to prejudge, respectively to judge, since the truth has to travel a very long way to reach its goal. Distrust, inquiry and verification will remain the order of the day.


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