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Posted on Nov 14 2012 at 08:09:21 AM in Technology

John was the sort of individual who spent a great deal of time on the road which meant that he was always looking for an Internet connection to communicate with his office and write his reports. With so many people using the Internet these days it never seemed to be a problem for him to get access, especially with almost every business establishment making the service available to their customers. Unlike when he was in the safety of his own home, John could not use a cable to connect his computer to the Internet, nor did he want to. The fact of the matter was that John considered wireless Internet as a major achievement to the world of communication, that was of course until he had to take steps to protect his computer with a personal VPN.

Although I do not spend as much time on the road, there may be occasions when I must also ask the same question, how do I get wireless service. This is because of the fact that there are times when I travel and rather than leave things undone, I like to keep it current. Whether I am using Internet explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome makes no difference, if I need to use the Internet, I might ask someone to show me where the Internet is. I like the idea of being able to access Internet services at a variety of places and it was not until very recently that I realized that there may be some issues of security. As great as public wifi is, we must use extreme caution as we go about protecting our information and Private wifi is the best protection there is.

Like many people today I have my own wifi network service at home, however this one has its own security. I think people tend to lose sight of the fact that public wifi will not offer that kind of protection and because of that they drop their guard. There is no such thing as a 100% secure wireless connection and even if you had a firewall on your computer it is still relatively easy for an unscrupulous individual to hack into your system. A public wifi connection is open to anyone on that wifi hot spot, which simply means that with a little knowledge they can steal much from you. It is with that in mind that private wifi has developed a software package that will allow you to appear invisible to others on the network, which simply means, if they can't see you, they can't do any damage to you.

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