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Many people don’t consider the winter as a season of allergies, but various health organizations have proven those people wrong. During the winter people that are suffering from allergies double even triple in numbers. This is because we tend to cover and tuck ourselves during the coldest days of the year, and therefore inhale allergens that have been hiding in our scarves, blankets and sweaters. In this article we offer you some techniques that can reduce allergen build ups and exposure to these unsafe particles.

- Replace your mattress frequently- according to various health associations the mattress is the number one allergen harbor in a household. That is why you should replace your mattress every eight to ten years. You can also use an anti-allergy protector as a mattress covering.


- Wash your bedding- once a week change your bedroom bedding. Place new sheets and new pillow covers and wash the previous ones at 60 degrees to eliminate any unwanted particles and dust mites.


- Purchase anti-allergy pillow and sheets- to reduce allergen build ups in your bedding, buy anti-allergy pillow and sheets. This is an inexpensive but efficient way to lessen exposure to bad particles.


- Steam cleaning- before winter comes hire a local cleaning company to come and thoroughly clean your household. Including steam cleaning of the carpet, furniture upholstery and curtains. For example if you reside in the Middle Park region, search for cleaning Middle Park on Google or by reading the local cleaning services section in the region’s newspaper.

- Routine vacuuming- regular vacuuming will aid you reduce to a minimum any allergen build ups.


- Upgrade your dusting technique- if you tend to use dusters, stop! Use a damp microfiber cloth to pick up harmful particles more effectively.


- Install shutters- you can install shutters on your windows because dust can’t penetrate or stuck on hardwood.

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