Prepare yourself, just in case

Posted on May 19 2012 at 09:54:45 AM in Shopping & Services

Prepare yourself, just in case

Most guys have a secret desire to play with tools on one occasion or another, so it should not be surprising that so many look towards construction as a means to earning an income. Personally speaking I do like to fix things, however,  I would prefer to spend my time fixing things away from the elements in a area where I have a little more control of the climate. When I think about the different kinds of equipment used at some of these construction sites I can understand the reason why it is such an attraction for those who are working there.


Although I have never spent any time on a construction site, I have worked with a heavy equipment company that sold supplies to them. Most of these supplies were either heavily packaged or sitting openly on pallets waiting to be picked up. It was necessary to use a forklift to move stuff around and when someone made a purchase, suffice it to say that one of the employees would use the forklift and have it placed on the delivery truck. I was one of the employees that was called to move stuff around and as a big kid at heart, I enjoyed it immensely.


We decided it would be a good idea to invite some friends over, especially since it had been awhile since we had and the occasion would be our 3rd anniversary. My wife was somewhat concerned with the state of our bedroom and whether we would be ready to expose our friends to it, frankly I felt as though some new sheets and pillowcases would be enough to satisfy the occasion. That is probably why she is the one who usually decorates the home and not me, so when she suggested some new furniture complete with bed and mattress, I had nothing more to say.


When you have visitors over, even if you restrict them to the living room, there is always the chance that the guest bathroom will be occupied, causing you to open your second bathroom up to them. As most people will appreciate, in order to get there, your guest will have to pass through your bedroom. We paid a visit to the furniture store where we purchased a few choice pieces of furniture and prepared ourselves for the event. Wouldn't you know it, we never had to invite anyone to enter our bathroom, but we were both happy that we had prepared it, just in case it became necessary.

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