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If you have already started a preparation course IELTS or seriously considering do it, you’ll find these twelve tips will go a long way in ensuring you achieve your best possible score IELTS

IELTS listening module

1) At the beginning of the IELTS listening module, there is always an example that you must use to familiarize yourself with sound, the speakers and the situation they speak
2) At the end of each section there is usually a break in recording. Use this pause to prepare for the next round.
3) At the end of the record you have time to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. This is an opportunity for you to check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

IELTS reading module

4) As you read, do not try to understand the precise meaning of each word or phrase, you do not have time! At first, you need to read a general sense.
5) Sometimes, the tasks require you to use words of text in the answer and other times you must use your own words. Check the instructions carefully!
6) Make sure you respect the word limits are indicated. E.g Do not use more than five words. Keep avoiding the unnecessary words in your response.

IELTS writing module

7) It is absolutely vital that you keep the whole matter. You should never try to prepare sections of text before the exam.
You must ensure that you write at least 150 words in Task 1 and at least 250 words in Task 2. If you write the less you’ll lose points. It is not certain maximum number of words for each task.
9) When planning your essay be sure to allow time for the end to check through your writing.

IELTS Speaking Module

10) In the language pack does not attempt to give a prepared speech or talking about a different topic from what you are asked to discuss. You lose points for that.
11) Do not just answer “Yes” or “No” to questions from the examiner, add details to your answer. In each case, to explain at least one point, preferably two.
12) Remember that you’re tested on your ability to communicate effectively, not on your general knowledge.

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